Trump To End Unconstitutional Syria War – Washington Heads Are Exploding

The warmongering Left has joined forces with the neocons to demand that President Trump reverse course in his recent decision to pull US troops from Syria. Neocons claim that ISIS will increase with the US absence, but it was the very US intervention in the region – that they supported – that led to the rise of extremist and terrorist groups. Meanwhile, some principled progressives are putting politics aside to praise the president’s move. More on the war over war in Washington in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

9 thoughts on “Trump To End Unconstitutional Syria War – Washington Heads Are Exploding”

    1. He’s not lied us into a war like Bush Jr did with Iraq, and he’s not started any new conflicts like Obama did.

      That’s why.

      The last two scum presidents were war criminals. We executed people like them shortly after WWII, justifiably.

      We are in our 17th year of war with Afghanistan. What is the mission? Increase opium production? It went from 5% of the world’s supply in 2001 to 85% of it by 2016, all under US military occupation… And the US coincidentally has an opiod addiction problem they didn’t have in 2001.

      The US is in Syria to allow Genie Energy mine the oil resources of the Golan Heights and pipe it into Europe. Check out who is on the strategic board of directors of Genie. Libya now has literal slavery markets, and is in civil war still – remember when that was bombed “to prevent a humanitarian crisis”?

      Nearly all the people I respected for calling out that mass murderer George W. Bush for violating the Geneva Conventions to start a war, have exposed themselves to be completely unprincipled, partisan, idiots, because his replacement was George W. Bush again, in blackface after a diction class – and they couldn’t praise that mass murderer enough.

      You may be unhappy with Trump, but compared to the last two pieces of filthy, he’s the second coming of Christ, and I am an atheist. In comparison two our last 16 years of garbage, he’s a pot smoking hippie asked why can’t we give peace a chance?

      And all you dirtbags do is whine about him, incessantly. Well he ended a war. That’s not happened in decades. Think we left Iraq? It’s staffed with mercenaries today.

      1. Which war do you think he ended?

        He’s talking about ending one.

        He’s talked about ending it before.

        If he does end it, good on him. But saying he’s going to end it isn’t the same thing as actually doing so.

        1. Hear all the people that are screaming we have to continue this war in our media, our intelligence agencies, and government?

          Those are your enemies. They are the enemies of humanity.

          What these scumbag, anti-human, garbage have done is identify themselves. Take names, and record evidence.

      2. You are aware that Trump has increased bombings and with it also civilian casualties?
        You are also aware that PNAC neocon Bolton still works for Trump and that the goal is to create a mess on Iran so that something bigger could happen?

        Trump has also said USA should start winning wars again, he has said it’s OK to steal resources, to kill suspect’s families, carpet bombing and bringing back torture etc?

        Trump also supported the Iraq war despite still lying about it, as well as removing Qaddafi. And oh, a space force is hardly meant to be create peace but rather continue US hegemony.

        Some of you are letting hope run your thinking.

        10. For those who somehow think this is Trump opposing the war machine, I point you to his massive escalation of drone strikes, his easing of rules for killing civilians, his use of ground troops in Yemen and Somalia and his use of criminal weaponry like the MOAB in Afghanistan.

        — jeremy scahill (@jeremyscahill) December 21, 2018

        1. You are aware that Trump has increased bombings and with it also civilian casualties?

          No, I’m not.

          I know he’s supposedly a Russian spy on Putin’s payroll, and that is the next Hitler according to our “news”.

          You realize you can talk to people all over the world, and just ask them what is going on, with the device in front of you, don’t you?

          I know you don’t do this. I do. You don’t have to listen to a paid professional propagandist that has the title of “journalist” to know what is going on but you still do. You obviously do.

          You are also aware that PNAC neocon Bolton still works for Trump

          He’s a dog on a leash. What happened to that serial liar Nikki Haley? Yes, let’s pretend these blowhards still have any power. They have a mouth, and that’s it. Sure is funny to hear them think they are in control when all Trump is doing is allowing them to publicly expose their criminality, before he disposes of them.

          1. Nikki was never part of PNAC. This is John Bolton, still advising Trump:

            Bolton wanted Iran to kick out Arms Inspectors, he tells AIPAC
            “they [Iran] have not done anything more dramatic, such as withdrawing from the nonproliferation treaty, or throwing out inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency, which I actually hoped they would do – that that kind of reaction would produce a counter-reaction that actually would be more beneficial to us.”

            Warnings of “Iraq War Redux” as Bolton and Pompeo Are Reportedly Leading Push to “Foment Unrest” in Iran

            To add a few more points from Scahill

            8. There is a real possibility Trump will withdraw forces from
            Afghanistan and use Erik Prince’s forces. This must be opposed
            9. One consequence of major drawdowns could be a dramatic uptick in
            covert actions and air strikes. Obama embraced that model.

            I don’t think anyone is saying Trump is a Russian spy, but we know for a fact that his campaign had connections with Russia even during the election. This mess has already lead to a number of indictments and more likely will follow.

            Mueller has so far brought 191 criminal charges against 32 individuals and 3 companies


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