Col. Douglas Macgregor: We Don’t Win Wars Anymore

Col. Douglas Macgregor explains to Tucker Carlson why leaving Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan is key to the security of the United States:

2 thoughts on “Col. Douglas Macgregor: We Don’t Win Wars Anymore”

  1. All these wars, just like Vietnam, were never met to be won. If you win a war you eventually have to leave that country and that means giving back control to the people that live there.

    If you give back control, you give up the power over natural resources and the ability to use that country as a military or covert agency base.

    The empire is crumbling and our elite’s are now just feeding off the carcass of the state to bleed the population of all it’s wealth before they take the last flight to wherever they feel they can maintain their status and keep all their stolen wealth.

    1. Barring the imperialist age, the US hasn’t taken any natural resources from other countries, as far as I’m aware. Especially not Iraq, which sold most of it’s oil to Europe, not the US. Like, I agree with leaving Syria, but these kooky tinfoil hat theories are just strange imho.

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