The Genocide Called World War I (video)

Books and movies about World War I are not popular because they are depressing. Leaders of world’s great nations destroyed a generation of men in pointless bloody battles. Few Americans realize that World War I was America’s worst foreign policy blunder. Bankers had loaned Great Britain and France more money than they could ever repay. However, if Germany lost, they could demand the Germans pay massive reparations to help pay back these loans. These bankers manipulated American politicians and media to approve American intervention that prolonged the war.

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  1. “Few Americans realize that World War I was America’s worst foreign policy blunder.”

    Yet our government is in eternal pursuit of breaking its own record. Many argue that it has, many times over, since 9-11-2001.

    1. Perhaps World War I was “the worst” because of what it set in motion: a century of useless, bloody warfare, totalitarianism, and an excuse to grow the American State into Leviathan. Certainly, without it, things would have been vastly different.

  2. The war was intentionally prolonged. The Secret Elite – Lord Milner’s Round Table – wanted to crush Germany beyond repair. A short war could not accomplish this. Read Prolonging the War by Jim McGregor and Gerry Docherty.

    1. It’s humiliating, for those of British descent like myself, that so much wrong was done in pursuit of British imperialism. The UK couldn’t even retain Ireland…

      Whatever happens in the future, small nationalism shouldn’t be allowed to threaten larger geopolitical matters. Polities, like individuals, should know their place, not aspiring to become more than is reasonably possible.

  3. Wars between Germany and France were not frequent. Germany’s first war with France was 1870. Prior to that, most “wars” consisted of France attacking Kingdoms and Principalities in what became Germany. Alsace and Lorraine were originally German, but taken by Louis XIV to extend France’s “natural boundary”, the Rhine.
    King George detested Kaiser Wilhelm, because he was Grandma’s (Victoria) favorite. The Kaiser wrote to Tsar Nicholas imploring him not to mobilize his army, (seen as an act of war in those days) as it would mean Germany would have to mobilize to meet its Treaty obligation with Austria.
    All wars are economic wars fought on the behest of the international banking cartel

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