Rand Paul Discusses Withdrawal of U.S. Troops from Syria on The View

His finest moment:

5 thoughts on “Rand Paul Discusses Withdrawal of U.S. Troops from Syria on The View”

  1. good lord … these women are incredibly stupid, devoid of factual information and totally never shut up. Unfortunately, many americans listen to their drivel every day. I bet they could not even find Syria on a map.

    1. stupid, yes, but they are bloodthirsty as well…

      and btw whoever conflates Kurds and PKK is a lowlife

  2. Now the Kurds have made peace with Assad, and as the American troops are leaving, the Syrian army is moving in. Also, the Russians are moving into a town that the American forces were in, and the American forces are advising the Russian forces of the surroundings and briefing them on the situation. Also, if these women were consistent with their concerns of the Kurds, where’s there outrage of the people of Yemen, Libya, Honduras, Ukraine, and Venezuela and their plight which was mainly caused by American Government intervention and overthrow! Christ, ladies, be consistent!!

  3. The View, just as bad as The Times-Picayune, The Gambit, and The Advocate. By the way, I wonder if the staff has looked into Edwin Edwards’ years as a Louisiana congressman in the ’60s? (I wouldn’t be surprised if he supported the Vietnam War.)

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