Ron Paul: With US Withdrawal, Is Hillary’s War on Syria Finally Over?

President Trump announced this morning that the US would continue to withdraw from Syria and allow the countries in the region to solve their own border disputes. He claims the US was 100 percent responsible for the destruction of ISIS. He blamed the Obama Administration for not removing Assad, blaming him for gassing his own people. Is the war over? On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

4 thoughts on “Ron Paul: With US Withdrawal, Is Hillary’s War on Syria Finally Over?”

  1. The invasion of Syria was in the works long before the two useful idiots in the picture were allowed to go forward with it.

    Good on Trump if he can manage to keep troops out of Syria after the election cycle….

    1. Not when he just sends them a few hundred to a thousand miles away to Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

  2. Yeah whatever he has sent 14,000 more troops to the region since May, including thousands defending the terrorist state of saudi arabia. Wake me when he leaves Afghanistan and Iraq entirely, and leaves the House of Saud for dead. I do need a good nap.

  3. Hillary’s war on Syria was only part of the picture of Hillary as Sec of State. She also did war on Libya. She also did war in Ukraine. She also did a coup in Honduras. She also tried a coup in Venezuela. She also pushed Plan Colombia as death squads roaming the villages of rural Colombia murdering freely. Shel also did endless war in Somalia, and funded and armed separatists in South Sudan who then created a failed state. She also kept going in Iraq and Afghanistan, always pushing for more than Obama would allow.

    The pattern is bloodshed and violence everywhere she touched. It is a world view, of death and greed.

    So no, that hasn’t stopped. It hasn’t yet really paused, since even as Syria shuffles a step, Iran is moving up, Ukraine is getting weapons, Yemen is still being bombed, Colombia has called off its peace agreement with US support, and more.

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