‘Deal of the Century’ for Israel/Palestine… Or Dud of the Century?

President Trump rolled out his “deal of the century” for Israel/Palestine peace and as could be predicted it was dead on arrival as far as the Palestinian side was concerned. Was it designed to fail? Was it designed to boost Bibi? Is endless involvement in Israel/Palestine issues really in the US interest? Watch today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

2 thoughts on “‘Deal of the Century’ for Israel/Palestine… Or Dud of the Century?”

  1. If we wanted an idiotic, reckless, and ultimately bankrupting foreign and war policy (NOT “defense”!!!), we could have elected Hillary for President.. There is no excuse for President Trump’s recklessness, blindness, and imperialism. Even Iraq has told the US government to leave! The US withdrawal from Syria and Afghanistan should have been completed years ago.
    Mr. President, stop being God’s Prize Jackass, Defend America First, and end our troops’ engagements in these hopeless useless, and pointless foreign wars! If we wanted an idiot who would get us more deeply into Iran/Saudi Arabia, Israel/Palestine and Afghanistan/Pakistan, we would have elected Hillary Clinton in 2016! We want something better from you.
    The Democrats now have NO credibility with their ridiculous and bizarre impeachment narratives-Trump is NOT a “Russian Spy”! He is entirely within the Constitution and Federal law to investigate the Biden (crime) family’s corrupt misdeeds in Ukraine (and China). If ever we need a third party alternative to both the GOP and Demon Rats, it is now!

    Libertarian Party and Constitution Party, are you up to the challenge?
    Even though you won’t WIN in 2020, you will definitely put new and better ideas before the voters, offering us a choice that we haven’t had since the Constitutional Convention. There is always 2024…

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