1 Year Ago: RIP Justin Raimondo

One Year Ago (June 27, 2019), I received the very sad news that my longtime friend Justin Raimondo had died. He had spent the previous two years fighting lung cancer.

Justin and I had been political partners for over 40 years, working on many political campaigns and organizations. In 1995, we started Antiwar.com, which grew to become the premier pro-peace and anti-intervention site on the World Wide Web.

Justin was one of the most brilliant and prolific writers of his time, and I had the privilege to work beside him. My association with him changed the course of my life for the better, and enabled me to enjoy a career working and fighting for what I believe in.

Not a day goes by without my missing his presence in my life and my work at Antiwar.com.

He was one of a kind.

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9 thoughts on “1 Year Ago: RIP Justin Raimondo”

  1. not a day goes by that i don’t think ” i wonder what justin would write about this.”

  2. Real Humanity is always profoundly missed, but the humanity driven waves they set off still circle out among us, touching people everywhere.

  3. RIP JR. You were the main reason I became a regular, nay daily reader of this site. Your powerful writing and indefatigable spirit remain an inspiration.

  4. It’s really hard to believe it’s only been a year. It seems more like a century to me. Justin was a bastard, stubborn, mean, pigheaded, he bit my head off more than once, but he was also breathtakingly brilliant. Quite possibly the greatest voice on American anti-imperialism since Bill Hicks kicked with the same goddamn disease. Something about slapping neocons must create an uncontrollable hankering for Virginia tar. Justin was also a Queer iconoclast, a gay man who refused to be easily categorized based on hetero stereotypes. He inspired me to write from an unabashedly politically incorrect perspective as an openly genderqueer transwoman. I’m pretty sure he hated me and sometimes the feeling was mutual. But I loved him too, and I miss him every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, when I read his articles on antiwar religiously. It’s just too damn quiet without him here to yell at.

    1. Justin was the one who got me to give up the last vestiges of conservatism, militarism and statism from my political philosophy. In a strange twist, he then kind of went back to conservatism, but fortunately, never toward militarism.

      Comrade Nicky, it seems like ages to you because of your youth. To me, it seems almost like an instant.

  5. Eternal rest grant unto Justin Raimondo, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. Amen

  6. He was such a great writer, thinker, and humanitarian. He’s sorely missed. RIP, Justin.

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