Trump’s Failed Promise to Stop America’s ‘Endless Wars’ editorial director Scott Horton is featured along with renegade historian Thaddeus Russell in this video presentation by Reason magazine‘s Zach Weismueller.

14 thoughts on “Trump’s Failed Promise to Stop America’s ‘Endless Wars’”

  1. This is a fine example from the Pentagons Swamp insiders.

    Jul 15, 2020 Navy Struggles to Get New $13 Billion Carrier Underway | Inside The Story

    The Washington Times’ Mike Glenn goes Inside the Story on how defense costs can spiral out of control as the Navy’s new supercarrier suffers mechanical difficulties!

  2. There is a pattern with presidents that they don’t like wars , but there is a pattern in government that they do like wars and that there is a strong continuity in that approach. The rationale may vary from “You got to show them who’s the boss” to “let’s turn them into the kind of country we approve of”. The president does not ‘lead’ in this respect, he’s merely going along grudgingly with the consensus. You see it with Bush, Obama (re his interview in the Atlantic) and Trump(aggressive negotiation tactic becomes policy).

    While Chomsky pointed out the constant pattern at the level of the government, Gareth Porter described that with Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson there were the same internal tensions where the people around the president worked around them, cheated on them, and pressured them into aggressive policies.

  3. Decent journalism, tho, with a huge hole, or omission. There was little mention of trumps huge escalation in Syria. 3000 marines with a devastating 18 month artillery and air campaign destroying all infrastructure the US deemed..the “caliphate”. The author did state trump had resistance to taking them out, yet all leaders have such resistance throughout history. Point is, if he hadn’t put them in, his “peace base” wouldn’t have to whine about whether they leave or not. The escalation in Syria makes the claim “no new wars” just splitting hairs.

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