US Marines Seized Panama in 1903 (video)

The Isthmus of Panama was attractive to the growing American empire. A canal across these 37 miles would be hugely profitable, improve American commerce, and speed military movements. One problem was that Panama was a province of Columbia since 1821 that demanded a large share of the profits a canal would generate. The solution was to send US Marines to invade Panama and steal it! This fact does not appear in official history, which pretends that Panamanians declared independence from Colombia in 1903 then gave the land to the United States.

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3 thoughts on “US Marines Seized Panama in 1903 (video)”

  1. Good to know Roosevelt was little different from Trump. That’s our canal land – send in the Marines. That’s not the ruler of that country – these dudes are. Can’t imagine where Pompous arse got his inspiration from.

    **At least we payed Columbia later, and it was almost even in gold!

  2. Thanks for shining a light on yet another chapter of USA state piracy. It’s like learning about another kind of virulent bacteria in yer gut.

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