Assange Extradition ‘Drama in the Court’ with Defense Witness Trevor Timm (and Kim Dotcom)

At the essential Consortium News

Timm was interviewed by journalists Stefania Maurizi, Keven Gosztola and legal analyst Alexander Mercouris. Kim Dotcom made a surprise appearance on the program.

CN Live! recapped and analyzed the first week of the resumption of the extradition hearing of imprisoned WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange with the defense’s most potent witness, Trevor Timm, executive director of the Freedom of the Press Foundation, who dismantled key elements of the government’s case on the witness stand on Wednesday.

Timm was interviewed by Shadowproof managing editor Kevin Gosztola, who is receiving wide praise for his live tweeting of the courtroom action; Stefania Maurizi, the Italian journalist who has partnered with WikiLeaks to publish some of its biggest releases, and whose freedom of information requests exposed corruption surrounding the Swedish process against Asssange; and by Alexander Mercouris, a British legal analyst and editor with particular insights into the UK justice system. Kim Dotcom, the internet entrepreneur and friend of WikiLeaks and Assange, called into the program unexpectedly and made a major contribution to the understanding of the case.

Like Consortium News, both Gosztola and Maurizi have been monitoring every moment of the trial via remote video access. Gosztola, Maurizi, Mercouris and Dotcom engaged in a freewheeling discussion about the week’s events and the case going forward with your hosts Elizabeth Vos and Joe Lauria.

Watch the whole show here:

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