Glenn Greenwald & Tucker Carlson On Questions That Must Be Asked Of Joe Biden About Hunter Scandal

Glenn Greenwald appeared on Tucker Carlson Wednesday night on the Hunter Biden laptop scandal:

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  1. The North American Journalist is an endangered species. Ironically, their only known habitat on cable news appears to be the Tucker Carlson Show. Strange times indeed.

      1. He is the one of a handful only of people/channels still practicing journalism (in his case one subclass of it, which used to be called opinion journalism), as many people see it. That doesn’t necessarily mean that any of these few people qualify as journalists according to any concept of it but that, relatively speaking, they are the closest representatives alive practicing decent journalism. You, too, could be counted among them.

        1. You’re right. I just like picking on Carlson. He made bank back in the ’90s and ’00s pretending to be kinda sorta a little libertarian. I don’t have anything against non-libertarian opinion journalists, but ones who transparently sell out, like Carlson, Malkin, et al. just bug the shit out of me.

  2. It is a proven fact that Joe Biden asked the then-President of Ukraine (Petro Poroshenko) to fire Ukraine’s State Prosecutor (Viktor Shokin) who at the time led a wide-ranging corruption probe into Burisma Holdings and its senior executive counsel (Vadym Pozharskyi) when he accidentally stumbled over Hunter, a highly paid member of the Burisma board. When Poroshenko failed to terminate Shokin’s assignment Joe Biden turned, in his capacity as Vice President of the USA, directly to the Ukrainian government and threatened to withhold said financial aid unless the prosecutor was fired. As a result of Joe Biden’s assertive request and condition for receiving aid the prosecutor was removed from office in April 2016.

    Given how Joe Biden implemented US official policy toward Ukraine, you should be able to form an opinion on whether you regard Joe Biden to be fit and suitable to serve as President of the United States.

  3. The Hunter/Joe Biden Affair In Ukraine

    Hunter told his father Joe Biden that Ukraine’s Prosecutor General (“state prosecutor”) was investigating a big gas enterprise (Burisma Holdings) that paid Hunter a huge monthly compensation to be on the company’s board of directors.

    The investigation had reached a point where the state prosecutor, after having found several seemingly constructed high-paying jobs among Burisma board members, had started to ask questions about why, and especially for what these members, including Hunter Biden, received extraordinarily high remunerations and whether they contained some form of miscreant service or was at least partially venal.

    In this context Joe Biden subsequently asked the Ukrainian incumbent leaders of that time (the President and the PM) to remove the prosecutor from office. They undertook a commitment to bring forward a proposal to that effect at the next assembly of the Ukrainian government.

    The state prosecutor, who was very experienced and known to be a man of integrity, had been called in from retirement by the Ukrainian government. His assignment was to investigate potential grounds for corruption charges against the top executives and directors of Burisma Holdings because of the company’s seemingly corrupt dealings, including money laundering, with several obscure business partners. The government acknowledged that the prosecutor successfully had handled several similar corruption cases before and decided that no action would be taken against him.

    Joe Biden went therefore back to Ukraine to meet with government officials to formally request a swift dismissal of the state prosecutor. He stridently clarified, as Vice President of the United States, that the $1 billion in financial and military aid appropriated by the US Congress (partly as loan guarantees) will be paid out only if the state prosecutor was fired immediately. The government relieved at its next assembly the prosecutor of his assignment.

    ABC News began to vet the business dealings of the Bidens (also their extensive affairs in China) and met in Ukraine with the UCAC (Ukrainian Corruption Action Center):
    Wall Street Journal describes with Joe Biden’s own words how he made his demand abundantly clear to Ukraine and that he had the full backing of President Obama:
    The former Ukrainian State Prosecutor Shokin provides his account of how it went down:

  4. It is YOU who decide whether the contents of the emails in Hunter Biden’s laptop are sufficiently demonstrating that Joe Biden has acted as Obama’s vice president in such a reprehensible manner that it ought to preclude him from becoming President of the United States. This should be assessed and judged by the voters in the light of the Ukrainian background situation from which the emails emanate (see following post).

  5. Let’s keep perspective: the emails do not show that VP Biden altered US policy toward Ukraine. The Senate concluded that he didn’t. It’s preposterous that the President, Congress and the EU altered policy to protect Hunter.

    The emails may show that Joe Biden, private citizen, not VP nor Presidential candidate, discussed his son’s business in China and looked to profit personally- contrary to what he said. And that the business venture never materialized.

    If true, it’s a legitimate knock on Biden, worthy of discussion.

    In a binary election, you have to compare. This act of self-dealing, conflict of interests and personal gain via political connections, would’t make the top 15 on the Trump list.

    1. Yaa, Sure I, we….you get to decide Biden acted to withold aid to Ukraine unless the prosecutor desisted efforts to investigate Burisma on who’s board his son sat, at something like $30,000 a month salary. Whether or not we decide if Bidens are crooks or not is immaterial. Better a crook, than a nut who could cause WWIII. I myself will vote Libertarian or Rainbow, not ass or elephant. Clinton vs Trump was a terrible choice for me and I think for America too. I believe we need more & better candidates and choices. The two party duopoly has bankrupted a once prosperous America, is poluting the planet, and elects crooks and sadists, over & over again!!! & I’m going to vote against it again this election…..!!!!!!!!!! If you are in a state where one party or the other looks to win so big that your vote has almost zero chances to change the outcome, join Me and vote 3rd party, or write in someone not of the big 2 parties….like Lassie or Elvis.. You’ll get a laugh and a story too.

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