Why Is the Media Ignoring the Explosive Biden Scandal(s)?

With the exception of a few in the mainstream media – such as Tucker Carlson – there has been a total blackout on what appear to be a credible and very damning tidal wave of information on corrupt Biden business deals. Last night Tucker Carlson interviewed one individual in the center of the scandals with first-hand information. So why won’t the media do its job and look into the story – whether to confirm or debunk it? Instead, Democrat operatives and deep staters have been brought back to scream “Russia Russia Russia!” Also today, coronavirus tyranny hits churches here and abroad. Watch today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

7 thoughts on “Why Is the Media Ignoring the Explosive Biden Scandal(s)?”

  1. Every major media outlet in the US has thrown barrels of ink and/or hours of screen time at the story (not “scandal” — in order for it to be a “scandal,” a significant number of people would have to be surprised by it and/or give a shit about it).

    1. What “unsupported claims” do you want me to “support?” Every major newspaper and every major television network has covered the Biden laptop story extensively. They’ve done so with obvious biases, but they’ve covered it. That’s a fact that you can verify in about two seconds by typing “Hunter Biden laptop” into e.g. Google News.

      As for the evidence, that’s immaterial to what I claimed. What I claimed is that people have already long ago made up their minds about whether Joe Biden is corrupt. They aren’t going to change their minds, or shift their support for a candidate, based on this “scandal.”

      In order for something to work as an October Surprise, it has to be a surprise. The fact that the Bidens are a typical corrupt political crime family is not a surprise. Anyone who’s cared one way or the other has known that for years.

      1. A simple swedish question…
        You say “They have already made up their minds.. they aren’t going to change their minds…”
        Excuse me…
        The biggest democrazy in the world..?
        No way!
        You stole the land and what you accived was totaly insane.
        Someone put stakes and claimed right to the land who was much bigger than some small countries.
        So I agree whith you you have already made up your mind.
        Same shit where ever you look in the states!
        The right of the rapist!
        Lets rape together!

        1. The only question I see in there is “the biggest democrazy the world?”

          Which is something I’ve certainly never claimed, or notice being claimed here.

          I’m not sure what land you think I stole. Some of my ancestors stole a bunch of land from some of my other ancestors a century and more ago. None of them left any of that land to me.

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