The Empire’s 2009 Coup in Honduras (video)

Most Americans are unaware of the “Banana Wars.” These were a series of American military interventions in Latin America a century ago to support American business interests. The United States treated Latin American nations as colonies, and still does by using covert methods. Control is maintained with bribery, blackmail, assassinations, sanctions, and election rigging. This sometimes fails and a coup is required. The role of the United States usually remains hidden in these regime changes, but sometimes it becomes obvious, like in the 2009 coup in Honduras.


2 thoughts on “The Empire’s 2009 Coup in Honduras (video)”

  1. The Chamber of Commerce got its cheap labour and the Defence industry turned a profit.

    The only irksome matter in the video is how nonintervention is portrayed as “progress.” I wish people would just focus on improvement and prevention of disasters, without concern for whether a particular action is forward, backward, up, or down. Our likely future is less free and more global, but I’m in no hurry to get there.

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