How Russiagate Ruined Everything

How did the Russiagate hoax feed into the Covid hoax and then feed into the Election hoax? Ron Paul Institute Director Daniel McAdams ties them all together in this speech to the Mises Institute‘s recent Lake Jackson Seminar with Ron Paul. “All of a sudden the tweets are gone, the Facebook is gone, the media is gone. Only crazy people are questioning the most pristine — the most perfect — election of all time.” Watch it here:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

3 thoughts on “How Russiagate Ruined Everything”

  1. I know a couple of people who used to be fans of But you guys have gone off the deep end. You have gone right around the corner and joined Alex Jones at

    First off, you are just lying, you are just killing people outright, when you call Covid a hoax. People are dying; children are dying, by the thousand, every day. 99.9% recover? Tell that to the mother and father of the five-year-old who died. You are simply in cloud-cuckoo land saying that. And make no mistake: this is a conspiracy theory that gets people killed.

    Second, the deep state is behind everything: but here’s the thing: so, so incompetently. If this is the gang, if this gang is so powerful they have never been outed: how come they ware so bad at what they do?

    You say they conspired to deprive Trump of the Presidency in 2016? Well, how come he became President? When all it would have taken for him to be crushed, absolutely shattered, would have been an announcement that he was under investigation for conspiring with Russia? While at the same time, all that had to happen was for Comey to just follow DOJ rules and say nothing about Clinton, instead of skewering her by announcing the email investigation that turned up nothing, and tipping the election to Trump, with two weeks to go before the election? How was that for interference? Worked great, eh? Sure showed Trump, eh? Chalk one up for the deep state.

    And now, this current hoax, the deep state operation: how come the deep state did such a poor job of it? If the deep state is managing this, why did the dems not win the Senate, and take more seats in the house? Can’t they count? What kind of deep state conspiracy is this, anyway?

    Most of all: and here’s the point about the deep state.

    If there really was a deep state, Trump would be dead now.

    You guys have just gone off the deep end. If I want conspiracy I can go to whereever Alex Jones has been chased away to, after he’s banned from Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and whereever, for lying about parents making up stories about their six-year-old children being gunned down in their school classrooms.

    It’s just sad.

    1. I guess people must believe the deep state to be run by Inspector Clouseau, bumbling constantly, but winning in the end. That was just a movie.
      To their minimal credit, bogus conspiracy theories exist because of our militant security state. With so much classified, obfuscated, paid with dark money…guesswork becomes the order of the day.

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