The Fake War on Terror in the Philippines (video)

Americans see corporate media stories about Muslim terrorism in the Philippines. This peaceful nation was declared a terrorist battleground by American President George Bush many years ago. A few hundred US troops are quietly based there to assist, but this war on terror is fake. Evidence suggests that the America CIA is responsible for some of the few random bombings each year used to justify an American presence. The Philippine army needs no help, and some terror attacks are the result of false flag operations to justify American aid. Ending America’s fake war on terror in the Philippines would improve relations, save money, curtail corruption, and lessen the violence.


One thought on “The Fake War on Terror in the Philippines (video)”

  1. The Fake War on Terror is not just in the Philippines. It is around the world.I learned some things from this video that I did not know before. The US created false flags to keep its troops there and give more military aid to the Philippines. Rodrigo Duterte is very ruthless, I hope the Filipino Peoples eventually rise up to bring him down.

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