BringOurTroopsHome.US Praises Rep. Cori Bush for Signing War Powers Pledge

Another friend of veterans elected to Congress

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On Monday BringOurTroopsHome.US, an organization composed of veterans of the Global War on Terror and their civilian allies, praised last week’s swearing-in of Congresswoman Cori Bush of Missouri. As a candidate, freshman Democrat Rep. Bush was proud to sign our Congressional War Powers Protection Pledge.

The pledge stipulates that the signer will exercise Congress’ Article I Section 8 constitutional authority to debate and vote on declarations of war before engaging our soldiers in active combat operations. While presidents may respond to sudden attacks against U.S. territory or our armed forces, it is the duty of the people’s representative body to deliberate, approve or reject the deployment of our armed forces overseas.

Rep. Bush joins other signees, including Democratic Reps. Danny K. Davis, Marcy Kaptur, and Jim Himes, Republican Reps. Andy Biggs and Don Bacon, and Senators Cynthia Lummis and Jim Risch, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, in pledging to put the US Constitution first when it comes to questions of war and peace.

In November Rep. Bush defeated ten-term incumbent Lacy Clay to represent the people of St. Louis, Missouri. She was featured, along with Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in the Netflix documentary Knock Down the House which focused on her original 2018 primary challenge to Clay.

As a candidate, Cori Bush opposed the Trump administration’s increase of the Defense Department budget despite the Pentagon never having passed an independent audit. "Ignorance is paying Lockheed Martin more than $1 trillion over the course of a 60-year contract for a dysfunctional F-35 program. Ignorance is letting their CEO take a $20 million dollar salary while military veterans go homeless," she said on the campaign trail.

BringOurTroopsHome.US is always happy to work with legislators of either party who put the needs of veterans over the demands of the military-industrial complex.

BringOurTroopsHome.US is dedicated to ending the war in Afghanistan, removing our military forces from the Middle East, and insisting the Constitution of the United States be faithfully observed.

For more information, call Sgt. Dan McKnight 208-917-3507. Or contact or

6 thoughts on “BringOurTroopsHome.US Praises Rep. Cori Bush for Signing War Powers Pledge”

  1. I am glad Cori Bush was elected to the House. I hope someday she will be elected to the Senate. I hope she or someone like her will be elected President. That might be too good to be true. There are bumper stickers saying “Support Our Troops”, there should be bumper stickers saying “Support Our Troops By Bringing Them Back Home”.

    1. Bush isn’t making herself look very good in her first week in office. “I’m introducing a legislation to expel anyone who disagrees with me” isn’t exactly best foot forward stuff.

      Before I moved to Florida, I lived in that House district. Her predecessor, Lacey Clay, wasn’t too terrible on war issues either. I was somewhat surprised that Bush managed to beat the hereditary Clay political machine, which was legendary for stuffing ballots to get the outcomes it wanted.

      1. I read somewhere that Lacey Clay wasn’t so good on Mideast Issues, he is too close for comfort with Israel.

          1. That was a great speech, William Lacy Clay told the truth about the Iraq War and Bush lied about there being WMD’s and Iraq being involved in 9/11. People opposed to the war from the beginning knew you can’t force another nation to be a democracy and the troops would neither win the peoples’ hearts nor minds.
            You can’t say to another nation: “We are going to liberate you, win your hearts and minds and make you a democracy whether you like it or not” and expect things to work that way.

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