Biden Removes ‘We the People’ Petitioning From White House Website

It appears that the ‘We the People’ petition system has been taken off the White House website. Here is an archive of what it looked like before Biden took office.

The system has been around for many years. At any given time, hundreds of petitions were active. If you get 100,000 signatures, the White House is supposed to give an answer. You may remember that there was an active “Free Assange” petition that the Obama Administration was obligated to answer (and gave a bad answer).

When Trump took office, he briefly discontinued it but put it back up after a media uproar.

Now it appears the Biden White House has removed it. The website used to be here:

This URL, as well as URLs for all currently-active petitions, just forward to the White House front page. I explored the website and could not find any mention of it. The link used to appear in both the “Contact” and “Get Involved” links, but it is gone from both.

I have seen nothing about this in the media. When I Google “White House Petition System Down” and other similar searches, I only get 4-year-old articles about the time that Trump temporarily disabled it.

Wikipedia says that the system was taken down the day Biden took office: On January 20 2021, the day the Inauguration of Joe Biden took place, the website’s address started redirecting to the White House’s website home address.

This is a terrible event, and it must be publicized, and Biden must be made to reverse this decision.

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      1. I and many others arent satisfied with illusions, we want substance. we want to know that the constitution’s guarantees to us on our right to redress grievances with the government is still intact

  1. nursing home demented prez afraid emperor gates will remove his life alert system in WH basement

  2. They had over 100,000 signatures to investigate Bill Gates. That is why they took it down. Funny author doesn’t mention this

  3. The US is always spouting off about a democracy that doesn’t exist.
    democracy: a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives. –doesn’t happen. Actually the US is a plutocracy: a country or society governed by the wealthy.
    The US Constitution was framed to thwart the democratic aspirations of most of the public. There is no democracy because there is no mechanism by which the citizens can project their opinions and views to the Washington government crowd which is totally driven to serve Wall Street, the bankers and the large corporations who make them rich. Edward Abbey: “What’s the difference between a whore and a congressman? A congressman makes more money.”
    But there is no organized system of communicating opinions on governance from the citizens to their representatives, whom we know are bought-and-paid for by their financial supporters, so there is no democracy. None. Our “democracy” is limited to the election of representatives, and not to the decisions they make.
    It could be different. For example, other countries have referendums designed to get a sense of what the people like and don’t like. Many countries do this, listed here. But not in the USA. Do the plutocrats in Washington care what the people think abut Afghanistan or health care, for two examples? Hell no. The news sources are full of what those characters want, but nothing about what we want.

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    1. This sounds like a fine way to get your name on the ‘Re-education Camp’ guest list once our new masters finish their takeover.

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