Saagar Enjeti REVEALS Pentagon Plot To Manufacture Consent For NEVER Leaving Afghanistan

From The Hill TV:

4 thoughts on “Saagar Enjeti REVEALS Pentagon Plot To Manufacture Consent For NEVER Leaving Afghanistan”

  1. Saagar Enjeti and Krystal have a great point. The longer the troops stay in Afghanistan, more people there will support the Taliban. Keeping troops there is not going to promote women’s rights, Saudi Arabia mistreats women more than any other country in the world and receives lots of aid from the US. Bush rolled back women’s rights in Iraq by saying it cooperated with Al-Qaeda in planning the September 11 terrorist attacks in the US. He also rolled back religious freedom there by saying that. Hussein never persecuted other religions except the Shia. Obama rolled back women’s rights and religious freedom in Syria by saying “Assad Must Go”. The war in Iraq under Bush caused ISIS to form although it happened under Obama.

    1. No reasonable analysts outside the Five Eyes and Israel are that concerned with Taliban rule. There consultations with Russia, China, Iran, and Pakistan should be an optimistic hint.

      They’ll be peace when the US, NATO, and their private contractors leave.

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