Maj. Danny Sjursen on Patriotic Dissent in the Cold War

From the Watkins Museum of History

Our FREE History series – a partnership with several Kansas humanities organizations – continues as we interview veteran, historian, and activist Danny Sjursen about peace activism during the Cold War. This program is part of a series of events in connection with the launch of a new website, The Cold War in the Heartland.

2 thoughts on “Maj. Danny Sjursen on Patriotic Dissent in the Cold War”

  1. There is patriotic dissent in the West. So many people here call that unpatriotic.
    Questioning war means you are against causing destruction of lives and property. It does not mean you hate your country. People from the West are not charged with war crimes unless they were fighting for Nazi Germany during the Second World War.
    People fighting for the USA’s wars say they followed orders. People fighting for Nazi Germany also followed orders even if they disapproved of them.

  2. Here we are again with history repeating.

    February 26, 2021 America’s Domestic War on Terror: Under Domestic Terrorism Laws, Anyone Who Disagrees with the Government Can Be Considered a Terrorist

    Forget Al-Qaeda, Washington has a new domestic enemy in town and they are called the White Supremacists. But the reality is that the new enemy is basically anyone who disagrees with the US government will be considered a terrorist.

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