Tucker Carlson with Col. Douglas Macgregor on the Russian Bounty Story and US Hostility Against Russia

On tonight’s Tucker Carlson Tonight:

NOTE: The original video has been removed by YouTube, but here is the full show from the Fox News site, the relevant section is the first 15 minutes. In order the view it, you must enter information for a cable channel subscription. If you are not a subscriber to any cable channel, you can watch the section without the Macgregor follow-up here:

5 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson with Col. Douglas Macgregor on the Russian Bounty Story and US Hostility Against Russia”

  1. Jul 14, 2020 Afghanistan Bountygate is all about endless war & drug money

    Driven by the deep state NYT and WaPo, and how the entire hoax was less about Trump and Russia, and more to do with keeping the US in Afghanistan for the endless war machine profits and global drug trade.


    1. The NYT & WaPo are papers that should be shut down. Russia did not interfere with the election but I would not be surprised if Israel did. Putin did not pay Taliban troops to kill Americans , otherwise WWIII would be going on and the world would end really soon.
      I do not particularly like Tucker Carlson but I agree with what he said on this article. He had a good interview with Douglas MacGregor. It is good they want to end our wars and the Cold War.

      1. But America did pay. It brought ISIS. Thats a lot of dough in addition to ferrying, equipping with IED and AK 47 and supplying girls less than 15 yrs of age .

  2. We are seeing the rot/putrefaction of late-stage American capitalism which has progressed to the point where the very survival of the American Empire requires constant debt monetization (aka money printing) to prop up financial markets, Pentagon and support ongoing wars. As pointed out by Andrei Martyanov- Russia has attained military superiority over the US and this gap continues widening (see: Reminiscence of the Futureā€¦; Link: http://smoothiex12.blogspot.com). Joe Biden and the elite he represents view the China-Russia-Iran axis as an intolerable obstacle to US global hegemony and are willing to risk nuclear war.

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