Conflicts of Interest: The ‘Big Lie’ of Memorial Day

On COI #116, Kyle Anzalone and Will Porter cover a new round of US sanctions imposed on officials in Ethiopia, where fighting with rebels has killed thousands and displaced millions more in the country’s Tigray region. Cutting off foreign aid and slapping visa restrictions on officials, Washington is pressuring the central government to make efforts to end the fighting.

Legendary whistleblower and Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg has disclosed yet another series of classified documents from a 1966 Rand Corporation study. The files reveal that, during a round of fighting between China and Taiwan in 1958, the United States came much closer to dropping nuclear weapons on China than was previously known, with American military leaders pushing aggressively for the authority to do so.

After updating the progress of talks to revive the Iran nuclear deal, Will and Kyle also mark Memorial Day, discussing the ways our soldiers are used up and discarded by the very leaders who claim to champion them most.

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