Peter Beinart: Why I No Longer Believe in a Jewish State

Political commentator Peter Beinart speaks to the Middle East Eye about his journey from liberal Zionist to a proponent of a one-state solution:

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    1. Israel isnt my concern, but would Jews really be safe in a united state? I’d really like to see a Christian state elsewhere, but it seems anything separate just leads to war there. It’s sad, to me, to see Armenia vanish, for example. It’s so neat having old communities of different people. Copts etc seem threatened, slowly vanishing.

      I expect a united state ultimately means Jews returning to Europe.

      1. “I expect a united state ultimately means Jews returning to Europe.”

        How can one return to a place where one is not from? Seven out of every 10 Israeli Jews are from Palestine.

          1. You forgot to put “in my imagination” in there.

            If you’re from Palestine, you’re from Palestine no matter how sternly JP McEvoy fantasizes that you’re not from Palestine.

          2. You’re from Palestine unless you’re an Israeli.
            An invasive species no matter if blown in on the wind or grown from a spore.

          3. Well, except that some Israelis have traceable ancestry in Palestine going back as far as just about anyone else.

            And except that you’re from where you’re from, not where your grandparents were from.

          1. 70% of Israeli Jews were born in Palestine. Their parents or grandparents or great-grandparents may have been from Europe, but they’re not from Europe any more than I am (I was born in the US state of Tennessee).

        1. I thought it more like 5/10. Sometimes people from other parts of the Middle East are counted in that. Regardless, I expect they’ll be persecuted and so driven to move elsewhere.

          One state sounds like a US exit from the region. So, I like the idea, but I’m just trying to be honest about the situation. I don’t like tricking people. Israelis should realise exactly what they’re doing.

    2. True, but the Zionists who totally control Israel are in the same position as the Aparteidists were in South Africa. Because of the path they have taken , it is not easy for them to extricate from the system. Israel also has way too much support from its supporters in the US , plus the free military aid, roughly $4billion a year now, all heaped apon the long-suffering US taxpayer.

  1. I have watched the video now and appreciate it. Part of the problem does seem to be the US desire to sell weapons, for the profit of some.

    I hope for a good outcome, but it’s tough to see two groups coming together after such pure hatred. It reminds me of Thomas Jefferson on slavery: he had the wolf by the ears, but he daren’t let him go, nor did he want to continue holding him.

    Look at how Afrikaners are treated today in SA or how Southern heroes are dishonoured in the Southern US… Regardless, I want the US out of the MidEast, not to mention the world in general.

      1. I did pick that up. It doesn’t benefit the US as a whole, only those selling weapons and related individuals.

    1. “Southern heroes … dishonoured”

      I don’t know to what exactly you are referring, but if it’s what I assume that assessment is highly dubious at best

      1. Southern region of the USA.

        I don’t know what exactly you’re saying, but if it’s what I suspect, then you don’t understand the situation. But your vote counts too, of course.

      2. Look at Kashmir. The Muslims were originally on top. Now, the Hindus are calling the shots, despite Pakistan getting nukes. Pakistan can’t protect Muslims in Kashmir.

        Look at Ukraine. They’re finally free from Russian control, after some amount of persecution. Now, they’re out for revenge, whether justified or not. Or, look at Volga Germans persecuted in Russia.

        Armenia vs Azeri/Turks might turn into a similar conflict, or that might have already happened since Armenia apparently holds more territory than people say it merits.

        How is Israel different? Muslims will come to power; they’ll call the shots. Christians in Palestine have tried to be seen supporting the Muslims, because they know who wins. They know what happens in the end.

        You probably don’t know much about the Southern USA. That’s fine. There are plenty of other examples. Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, there’s nothing wrong with such heroes except that it’s useful to those in power now to attack their memory. How would Israel be in a different situation?

        1. I don’t know a whole lot about the South, true, but I don’t have much use for Lost Cause ideology

        2. what you say about Ukraine is not true, the state has been hijacked by US interests, Zelenski is a US puppet. The Ukrainians, excepting the Western nationalists, love Russians.

          1. There seems to be a complicated history there. I’m “antiwar” currently in part because I don’t know. If I knew more, I might have a side. However, the US only seems to have tipped the scales there.

            To me, Ukrainians seem like Russians. I see them as the same people, but there’s some history there also.

          2. If you’re wanting to accomplish something on the topic and frustrated at having to talk with clueless people like me:

            You should record just what has been lost, how many have suffered, since the coup in Ukraine. I mean to say, list numbers with some sort of evidence. One thing I’d like to do, if I had time, is to create a website recording how many millions have been killed by the US in the Middle East. It doesn’t seem that anyone publishes the full effects currently.

            If you were to create such a website, some would try to blame Putin for the results. However, the US is indisputably behind the original coup. I would focus on the damage itself, not on focusing blame. Just my thoughts.

            I could be wrong, but it always seems to me that a part of the conflicts are due to Russia resisting Israel in Syria. I realise the US also needs to sell weapons to NATO and other places. But to focus on the original topic, Israel often seems a significant force behind US foreign policy.

          3. I lived in Ukraine for eight years. I speak Russian and Ukrainian, although I am not Russian or Ukrainian, I have (AFAICT) not a drop of Slavic blood in me, nor am I related to a Russian or Ukrainian.

            What you write is largely true, although the folks who think that the wrong side won WWII control the narrative in Ukraine.

            In fact, Zelenskii was elected, over the vociferous objections of the United States, on an explicit policy of peace and reconciliation with Russia. The American ambassador more or less openly campaigned on behalf of his opponent, Poroshenko.

            For that matter, Poroshenko was a relatively moderate candidate, who morphed into “Bloody Petya” as soon as he was elected and summoned over to the US Embassy for a talking-to.

            If Zelenskii were start showing any signs of independence, he could be assured of one or more of the following:
            1. The next tranche of IMF aid gets held up indefinitely because of “lack of progress in Ukraine’s anticorruption efforts” (lol).
            2. Western prosecutors suddenly start to take a keen interest in the financial activities of B.V. Kolomoiskii (Zelenskii’s sponsor). There is no doubt much that would be of interest.
            3. Maidan 3.0.
            4. Assassination.

          4. Poroshenko was an Empire ( US ) stooge. That is 100% fact. So is the idiot dwarf Zelenski.

  2. Jewish or Zionist state? Judaism is a religion .. Zionism is a political movement.

  3. A one state solution would be anarchy and civil war. It is very easy for the liberal mind to be liberal at someone else’s expense.

      1. The West bank settlements effectively destroyed the two state solution; the Palestinians have never given up the hope of reclaiming all of Palestine and shipping the Jews elsewhere.

        1. Well, make up your mind. The West Bank squats are authorized by the Israeli regime and protected by the Israeli occupation forces. If they’re what destroyed the two-state solution, that’s on the Israeli regime, not on the Palestinians.

          1. The Israelis are grabbing all that they can-that is a human failing. At the same time, they understand, something that the left does not-that the Palestinians also want it all-eg right of return.Most people want just to live comfortably and get by, but the ideologues and hotheads make peace impossible.

  4. I’m not expecting condemnatory statements from Europe and the US over Israel’s continuing Palestinian genocide. The UN is about as ineffective as a whole.

    Critical statements against Israeli policy emanating from Russia, China, and Iran would place the latter three into a higher moral ground which surrounds other similar issues that would include Syria.

    More frequent Vatican statements from Pope Francis critical of Israel are better than abject silence.

    1. 1.There is no Palestinian genocide.
      2.China for example, still occupies Tibet-they can not occupy any moral high ground.They are buying up agricultural lands in Africa to feed their own people,Africans will starve. higher moral ground?
      3.Russia continues to expand their WMD’s.Higher moral ground.
      4.Irans new president murdered 30,000 dissidents-higher moral ground?
      Get real!

      1. And yet, your analysis doesn’t cover Israel or US crimes against humanity.
        You give the impression the US and Israel have the higher moral ground.

        You deny Russia and other sovereigns the right to self-defense or freedom from US domination?

        The Palestinian dilemma is Israel’s “slow burn” operation. If you access the Mondelweiss website, you mightl think differently.

        Do you only access the MSM?

        As to Iran, I might question the 30,000 number. The MEK is a forbidden organization in Iran, the explanation goes largely without articulating.

        If you’re familiar with the US-UK participation in Mossadegh’s overthrow in 1953, then your familiar with Iran’s troubled history with Western interests. They have no qualms about sacrificing proxies in Syria anymore than proxies in Iran or elsewhere.

        The US supported Iraq during the 80s’ Iraq-Iran war. How many Iranian lives taken could be attributed to America’s participation? The war cost Iran lost at least 500,000 lives. Who might have furnished Saddam Hussein with chemical weapons for use against Iran.

        Fast forward to about 2003 and the Iraq war.

        Russia, China, and the US are in Africa. I’ve not read about the first two nations overthrowing governments. If you’re interested in the US’ Africa operations, I suggest you read articles by Journalist Nick Turse.

        I realize I jumped around a bit. I believe some would term it “free” thought.

        1. If you have not read about Russia overthrowing governments, you have not heard about the USSR invasion of Afghanistan.What do you call the occupation and TRUE genocide perpetrated by China in Tibet, or its support of the genocide in Sudan? As for Iran,let us mention the treatment of the Bahai people,or its opposition to the Oslo talks.

          1. Oh, and by the way lets look at China’s jeopardizing world peace, with its threats against Taiwan.

          2. Never mind ‘ Israeli troll ‘, you are a clear Empire Loyalist. The Truth to you is irrelevant.

          3. When I have bested you in this dialectic,destroying your arguments,you resort to name calling. VERY mature.

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