The American Empire in Asia in the 1800s (video)

Historians declare that the American empire began with the Spanish-American war in 1898. It really began decades earlier when the US Navy formed the East India Squadron in 1835 that grew into of the Asiatic Squadron in 1868. American warships deployed to Asia to intimidate and attack whoever interfered with American business interests. This force also established American colonies in China, Hawaii, and Samoa before the Spanish-American war.

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  1. I did not know the USA had an empire in Asia before the Spanish American War. I knew the US interfered in other nations’ affairs for over 200 years and it was an expansionist nation after independence. It forced Native Americans that were not killed in wars to move further west until the US conquered their territory and forced surviving Native Americans onto reservations. The US conquered Hawaii and imprisoned Queen Liliuokalani.
    The US took land away from Mexico after the Mexican War. The US Citizens there did not like Mexico’s laws. The US should have let Mexico keep the land and ask its citizens to return to the USA.

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