Conflicts of Interest: The Pentagon Manufactures Crises It Cannot Control

On COI #189, Kyle Anzalone and Connor Freeman – writer at the Libertarian Institute – talk about increasing tensions in Eastern Europe and the Persian Gulf.

Kyle covers the refugee crisis on the border shared by Poland and Belarus. Washington and their European allies have accused Minsk of “orchestrating” the dire humanitarian situation. But the refugees are attempting to reach Europe, fleeing countries such as Yemen, Iraq, and Syria which have been largely destroyed by America’s post 9/11 wars. Kyle breaks down the news on the refugees’ mistreatment. He also reports on the European Union preparing new sanctions on Belarus. Poland is buying more American arms as well, including 300 used MRAPs and 250 Abrams tanks.

Connor details the hawks’ plans for regime change in Minsk, including the National Endowment for Democracy’s involvement in Belarus.

Kyle further reports on escalations in the Black Sea region. The U.S. has accused Moscow of a massive troop buildup in western Russia aimed at Ukraine. Moscow denies the accusations, pointing to the increasing U.S./NATO presence in the region as the source of instability. NATO is hyping the alleged Russian threat, saying they “stand” with Ukraine. A German regulator has temporarily suspended the license for Nord Stream 2 and Kiev is pushing for more U.S. sanctions to block the pipeline

Connor then covers the latest news on the soon to resume JCPOA talks, including the Iranians’ potential economic benefits that could result from significant sanctions relief. Connor argues U.S., Israel, and their allied Gulf dictatorships are fomenting instability, including openly preparing for war.

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    Russia has decided to actually cut ties with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. On Monday, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced that the country’s permanent mission to NATO would be suspended indefinitely.

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