War in Ukraine? NATO Expansion Drives Conflict With Russia

From The Grayzone:

Pushback with Aaron Maté

Russia is seeking a legally binding pledge that NATO will stop expanding east, including to Ukraine. If the US refuses, is war next? Scholar and author Richard Sakwa analyzes the growing Russia-Ukraine conflict and how Russiagate fueled it.

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2 thoughts on “War in Ukraine? NATO Expansion Drives Conflict With Russia”

  1. Several people who understand the situation have come to the conclusion that war is inevitable and is likely to start either in January or February – when Putin is at the Beijing Olympics, much like when the Georgian war started during the Sochi Olympics. Apparently the US is unable to change its game plan even to that degree.

    Despite everyone claiming that it would be a geopolitical and credibility disaster for the US to encourage Ukraine to attack the Donbass and risk the overwhelming Russian response, I personally believe that is exactly what the US is going to do. Whether Biden is behind it – which I consider quite possible – or whether Biden is being dragged into this by the neocons is irrelevant.

    I believe the neocons want a war between Ukraine and Russia, regardless of how it turns out for Ukraine, because they want to continue to stoke anti-Russia sentiment and geopolitical arrangements damaging to Russia. This is entirely due to their Trotskyite origins and general megalomania about trying to make the US control the entire world.

    In the same manner, they are egging Taiwan on to declare independence, knowing that China will take the island by force if this is done or being too megalomaniac to understand that China views Taiwan as an existential issue.

    In short, the US and Europe statists are seeing their chickens come home to roost. All their arrogance and incompetence over the years will result in a far worse geopolitical situation over the next decade than anything we’ve seen before.

    The US and EU electorate are the ones who will suffer, as well as the pawns in the game in Ukraine, Taiwan and elsewhere. And there is literally nothing they can do about that because no electorate anywhere has any control of their governments, regardless of the delusions of those who think some sort of “Third Party” or other political maneuverings can change the situation.

    Oh, and we can also forget any notion of the US “rejoining” the JCPOA. That ain’t gonna happen, either. War with Iran remains inevitable – if not derailed by the wars in Ukraine, Taiwan, or elsewhere in Europe, Asia or the Middle East.

    The only question which remains is whether we can avoid nuclear war. And that becomes increasingly unlikely as time goes on and more and more mistakes are made about the military balance.

    Bottom line: You need travel plans to a country in the southern hemisphere which is less likely to be affected by a nuclear war.

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