The Insufferable Hypocrisy of Western Governments Hell-Bent on Destroying Julian Assange

In his New Year’s message, South China Morning Post chief news editor Yonden Lhatoo demands Western governments free WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange before preaching press freedom to everyone else.

5 thoughts on “The Insufferable Hypocrisy of Western Governments Hell-Bent on Destroying Julian Assange”

  1. Julian Assange Super Star. It is still earliest dawn of the Age of Aquarius and priestly money changers in courts that do not make sense or justice are creating the second coming; Julian Assange, Super Star.

  2. That is what happens when somebody, anybody reveals the evil Deeds of Politicians, Secret “Service” Crooks, and other evil Humans…!!

  3. The sole surviving cofounder of this site and author of this article rightly points to the frustrating hypocrisy that surrounds the conspiracy amongst the deadly perps out to silence the light giver Assange. They declare their crimes state secrets. Who amongst their lot is not guilty of crimes far far worse. I don’t know all those involved in the rape & looting smash & grab.. that the Lancet said had killed, was it 900,000 mostly, if not all innocent Iraqis? A lot like the torture results in Iraq. For all the killing, rape and torture that the coalition inflicted, the only person to be imprisoned, was the person who exposed it, William Binney. It’s justice American Style!!!

  4. WoW…!!!!!!! What a video, what a man and what are we going to do to help Julian Assange…?????

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