Conflicts of Interest: Biden’s Gaffes Highlight a Year of Foreign Policy Missteps

On COI #219, Kyle Anzalone is joined by Dave DeCamp – News Editor at – to review Biden’s first year as president. 

Dave breaks down Biden’s Ukraine policy. At a recent press conference, Biden suggested, if there is a small Russian invasion of Ukraine, the U.S. may not react. The White House immediately reversed the President’s statement. This confusion in policy comes as Secretary of State Antony Blinken is set to meet with his Russian counterpart. 

Dave and Kyle discuss Biden’s Iran policy. Dave explains how Biden missed his opportunity to negotiate a more favorable deal with a moderate Iranian government. Now, Biden has set a deadline on the deal. But with a more hardline Iranian government in power, Tehran is demanding Biden live up to the commitments made by Obama. 

Dave explains how Biden has failed to successfully hold Saudi Arabia accountable and end the war in Yemen. The US-aided Saudi slaughter of Yemen increased through 2021, despite Biden’s pledge to treat Saudi Arabia as a pariah state and end offensive weapon sales.  

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2 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Biden’s Gaffes Highlight a Year of Foreign Policy Missteps”

  1. Once again, though I hate “clarifying” Biden, he didn’t say the US wouldn’t react to a “small incursion”. What he was trying to say in his usual addled manner was that he was worried about arguing with NATO over which sanctions to apply because the EU is wavering about sanctions due to the undoubted economic blow back.

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