Is Biden Admin Provoking Russian Attack on Ukraine for Political Gain?

There’s nothing like a nice little war to rescue sagging popularity ratings and Biden’s approval is deep underwater. So is the plan to urge Ukraine to provoke Russia to attack? Republicans will cheer and Democrats will cheer. Only the dead will fail to cheer.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

6 thoughts on “Is Biden Admin Provoking Russian Attack on Ukraine for Political Gain?”

  1. I don’t think the plan hatched by the CIA/neocons/Ukies is intended to save Biden’s Presidency.

    However, I do think if you want to get Biden on board with the plan, then convincing his addled brain that it will help him – just like Trump used the Syria strikes and the Soleimani assassination to boost his ratings, not to mention every other President before him – then I’m sure they did that.

    Which makes it even more likely that there will be a war in Ukraine. Only if Biden can be convinced to rein in the CIA/neocons/Ukies can a war be averted. So if he’s compromised, there goes the Pollyannas’ last hope.

  2. Empire and imperialism are an ongoing bipartisan venture. Only a handful of Congress critters ever stand for peace or vote against war, foreign intervention and police actions. Both the Democrats and Republicans are war mongers who love spending (and stealing) trillions of US tax dollars ( funneling the money into their crony defense contractors’ coffers and their own pockets via insider trading of stocks and campaign contributions (bribes).

  3. Silly me, I always believed the the World’s most active War Monger, the USA would finally start that long ago planned War with IRAN.
    Why does bloody Ukraine have to spoil the fun..that’s not fair !!

    1. “Why does bloody Ukraine have to spoil the fun”

      Because it’s all connected to Israel and Zionism. Iran can’t be attacked as long as Hezbollah is in Lebanon. But to remove Hezbollah they have to remove Putin and Assad. If they can push Putin around in Ukraine they can remove Putin and Assad from Syria.

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