Anatol Lieven: Freeze NATO Expansion Now or Risk War (VIDEO)

Time is ticking: our expert hopes the push for military intervention is the fever dream of a few and that cooler heads will prevail.

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From Responsible Statecraft.

The Russians want NATO to close its doors to Ukraine and all further expansion into Eastern Europe — this is the red line Moscow as declared. Quincy Institute senior fellow Anatol Lieven talks here about why the U.S. and NATO must decide whether denying Russia is worth the bloody conflict that it might cause. He also talks about the imperative of revisiting the Minsk II agreement, resolving the Donbas dispute, and Ukraine neutrality as a longterm solution.

He also explains why he believes negotiations should take place between the U.S. and Russia only, how Europe is divided, and the consequences of U.S. military intervention (directly or indirectly) in anticipation of, or after a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

2 thoughts on “Anatol Lieven: Freeze NATO Expansion Now or Risk War (VIDEO)”

  1. Just watched that. Okay as far as it went. Had to laugh when he said he’d pay for the equipment for any US Senators who wanted to enlist in the Ukrainian military.

  2. Americans don’t honor any treaties so to say that there can be some sort of “neutrality”, after 30 years of lies, is absurd.

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