Conflicts of Interest: Rand Paul Breaks with Trump, GOP on Iran Nuclear Deal

On COI #251, Kyle Anzalone and Connor Freeman break down the latest Iran deal news, Senator Rand Paul’s support for the JCPOA, the ongoing genocide in Yemen, and the war industry’s profiteering.

Connor covers London settling decades old debts with Tehran, a new IAEA report on Iran’s uranium hexafluoride processing, the Ayatollah’s support for the JCPOA talks, and Ned Price’s attempts to dampen optimism on the agreement’s seemingly “imminent” finalization. Kyle talks about his new article running on Responsible Statecraft about Senator Paul’s break with Donald Trump and the GOP Senate’s otherwise unanimous opposition to the Iran nuclear deal.

Kyle discusses the latest developments on the ground in the Yemen war, the drastic uptick in Saudi air raids, the data on civilian targets hit as well as 161,000 Yemenis now facing famine. Kyle also details how the economic war on Russia will worsen conditions by raising the prices of food already scarce within besieged Yemen.

Connor talks about Washington’s plans to replenish weapons stocks sent to Ukraine, particularly the Javelin anti-tank systems and Stinger missiles. An idea currently being floated is to institute the Defense Production Act to rapidly ramp up manufacturing of these arms. The military-industrial complex is explicitly ecstatic at the prospects of further conflict and tensions in Yemen, the South China Sea, as well as the ongoing Ukraine war.

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6 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Rand Paul Breaks with Trump, GOP on Iran Nuclear Deal”

  1. With all respects due to the Jr. Senator from the state of my birth: What position–for or against an extra-constitutional international “agreement”–does a member of the upper house of our constitutional republic have that is appropriate or worthy of respect? A “deal”? If it is not a treaty, no US Senator should consider it significant or even worthy of consideration or comment, except to point out the obvious: any such “deal” is illegitimate, due to its extra-constitutional status. “Constitutional” cynics: bring on your protestations and denigrations. I’ve heard them all before.

    1. The Senate ratified “the Iran nuclear deal” in 1945 when it ratified the UN Charter, under which UN Security Council resolutions are binding on all member states.

      1. Which resurrects the ancient question of whether or not that ratification could survive strict constitutional scrutiny. I guess I’d be better occupied counting angels on pinheads. Lord knows there are more of the latter around these days than ever before. And way too few of the former.

        Good talk.

  2. Could someone regurgitate that for me, I really don’t understand.
    Maybe a good few sentences that outline the Senator’s position and yours on his?
    How about a clear sentence on what this trump dumping is exactly about?
    I gather that Donald has been thrown under the bus but the rest is word salad.

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