Biden: We’re in ‘Long Fight’ With Russia Over Ukraine. Who Benefits From Escalation?

In President Biden’s final speech in Europe – held in Warsaw – not only did he call for “regime change” in Russia but he warned that the war in Ukraine would be “long.” As Glenn Greenwald wrote recently, the Biden Administration seems to be doing everything it can to PROLONG the war. Why? Who benefits? Also today: Ukraine’s Zelensky slams NATO’s “cowardice” and Hunter Biden shown to be behind biolab funding.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

5 thoughts on “Biden: We’re in ‘Long Fight’ With Russia Over Ukraine. Who Benefits From Escalation?”

  1. it is Not our War.
    we don’t have have to be the policing agent of NATO, if we were we would have stuck our noses up Ukrainians who were hosting retired military and politicians and gave up a tape Mitt had when Mitt wanted Trump out of the political race, or was it Pat Robertson who had the damaging tape?
    Our Nation should investigate the 700 Club’s political contributions overseas and their political influence. Follow the money, Pat is selling overvalued Gold coins. Where is he getting the the gold?
    is it laundered African / South American Black Market Gold?
    2 Kitty

  2. Biden wants it to be Russia’s Afghanistan (2.0?) or maybe Syria but the geography is all wrong, the culture(s) are all wrong, the comparison wayward. Ukraine is flat as a pancake, the cultures Christian, if not first world, certainly a close second. He’s hoping the thing persists as a series of urban guerilla skirmishes – like Nusra or IS in Syria, but Washington forgets, Russia was there too, learnt a lot watching American operations, learnt a lot practising their own air strikes. In Ukraine they just stand off and starve cities.
    The Ruskies come to The Big One full of confidence, a much modernised air force and army (for me the new hats were an initial giveaway) and a carefully considered strategy. The Ruskies do caution better than Amerika. Don’t do hype, don’t do embedded correspondents, don’t to shock and awe. Will they ‘negotiate’ with The Zel or bide their time awaiting total capitulation? I see them holding all the trump cards.

    1. “Ukraine is flat as a pancake”

      It has two mountain ranges and a range of elevation from sea level to 2,061 meters above sea level.

      Obviously it’s not as mountainous as Afghanistan (elevation variation there is more than 7,000 meters), but it’s hardly flat.

  3. We are not in war with Russia,
    Biden is getting confused. He sounds like Ukraine’s Commander in Chief. I guess he feels he must, as Zelenski is Ukrainian Acting Commander in Chief.
    Who is having the nucear briefcase while he tells trouos whatbto expect to see in the ground in Ukraine?

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