The Failed Air War Over Vietnam (video)

From Tales of the American Empire:

There are glorious stories about American military aircraft bombing North Vietnam. None explain the effort failed. It cost billions of dollars, killed a million people, destroyed a small nation, and had little effect on the final outcome. Some claim the effort failed because of political bombing restrictions. Others claim the bombing was successful because it forced the enemy to accept a peace agreement. In reality, the bombings were counterproductive to American goals and devolved into bureaucratic games to justify bigger budgets while enhancing military careers. Losses of American military aircraft were staggering. Almost 10,000 airplanes, helicopters and UAVs were destroyed, and another 2500 were lost by allies and the South Vietnamese military. In contrast, North Vietnam lost only around 200 aircraft during the entire Vietnam war!


7 thoughts on “The Failed Air War Over Vietnam (video)”

  1. Tales of American Empire is a golden gem of a YouTube channel.

    All Americans should watch every video . . . twice. America’s past war mongering should make everyone doubt the current propaganda about Ukraine inundating us.

  2. Not only aircraft. US lost thousands more soldiers than it admitted. War correspondents in forward bases tell of chinooks discharging body bags in such large numbers, the war correspondents lost count: couldn’t keep up with the huge number. Those that survived looked so bad, they wouldn’t survive long anyway. American marines cannot fight anyone without air cover. The moment contact is made with the enemy, air support is called for. In spite of all that support, Americans still get hammered. The number of veterans receiving treatment up to today, number in the millions, draining away valuable resources. It cost 300 million every year to maintain the veterans services. But every evening at the CO briefing, the number of US soldiers killed is officially 10 to 15, with 200 to 300 enemy killed. It is always the enemy who are killed in such large numbers. Majority are civilians killed by American carpet bombing of civilian targets. Soon every state in US had experienced hundreds of its boys and girls coming home in coffins. Hence the antiwar movement received spontaneous support from families in grief. So the myth of American military superiority is born, with confabulation and lies up to today. In every war fought by US, it has always depended on allies to fight with it. It has never fought a war on its own. Americans are too afraid to die. So don’t expect a physical war with Russia or China. White blue eyed college kids don’t want to die in the SCS, killed by chinese missiles. So all we get are sanctions which give the impression of being tough while shooting itself in the foot. This is a real game changer. A real world reset. This is the beginning of the end of western hegemony.

  3. And you Yanks were still kicked out of Vietnam by little women and men in black Pijamas 🤣

  4. I took pictures of the American Airforce Base at Bien Hoa, near Saigon while they were busy loading AGENT ORANGE to be sprayed and poisoned over HUGE areas of Vietnam. I will never forget or forgive you Yank Bastards, NEVER !!
    This made me a Lifelong Enemy of the US Military !!

    1. What the hell did you expect, America was invaded by white war mongers from Europe, you’re doin’ a good job in the Ukraine too. The European continent raped the entire world and America at that time was a good student. European invaders murdered 90 to a 100 million Natives, so take your BS wars elsewhere Limy.

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