US Senator: Time To Send US Troops To Fight Russia in Ukraine!

Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) said on the weekend talk shows that it’s time to start talking about sending US troops to directly fight Russia in Ukraine. Thus to defend Ukraine’s borders, this member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee openly calls for that launch of what would be WWIII. Coons is joined by plenty of Republican Members calling for direct conflict with Russia, including disgraced neocon Rep. Adam Kinzinger.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

24 thoughts on “US Senator: Time To Send US Troops To Fight Russia in Ukraine!”

  1. Its time to give this clown a rifle and a parachute, and drop him off on the border and let HIM fight for the Nazis that run Ukraine. To make him even more happy, round up all of his nearest relatives, children, etc. and drop them off with him. Let the fun begin.

    1. I always find it strange when people throw in “yeah, and everyone who’s related to him, too” with such recommendations.

      If your second cousin rapes and murders someone, should you go to jail as well?

      1. Not the same thing. The senator is willing to send you and all of YOUR relatives. That’s the point. Not that anyone deserves it.

          1. Look at it as cleaning up DC. We send all the warmongers over to Ukraine. After all, they are excited to send you and yours, me and mine. We can rid the US of the globalist WEF scum that has infected our government.

          2. I don’t think that that commenter has any power to send anyone anywhere. That’s the difference.

      2. I agree with David S

        When one American politican voted to go to war, how many people got killed from their actions?

        Not just soldiers. Look at Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc, civilians got killed. Even when those country’s stable government is overthrown, there is no peace and the post regime change aftermath is worst. Remember ISIS and those Islamic extremist groups killing and destroying Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, etc. This is just the action of just one politician. So is his one life is worth hundreds of thousands to millions of victims?

        Not to mentioned the entire country is destroyed and refugees are created. Millions suffer. The country is so destroyed it will take over 30 decades to rebuild, in most cases never can be rebuilt. So I ask again….is one American politican life worth more than these countries?

        I went to schools with children, grand children, and niece & nephews of politicians, do you know their kids, their grand kids benefited financially, their direct family benefited financially. The war industries, lobbyist, the American oligarchs are putting money in the pockets of these politicans. Where do the ordinary people stands to benefit? You tell me.

        I used to know a politican’s kid who owns 2 mini submarines, super-sport cars, an island vacation home, etc His old man is not from the billionaire business family class like Trump, how the hell his old man can get him all these wonderful play toys? Magically pull $$ out of his ass, is that it?

        I see why David S calling for round up all of his nearest relatives, children, etc. and drop them off with him. They benefited and that makes them an acomplice as he is.

    2. It’s not nazists that run Ukraine. However, the Azov Battalion has been integrated into the Ukrainian forces, and the oligarch who financed Zelensky’s election campaign has also hired the Azovs. And Zelensky has sat down with Azov and representatives from the similar battalion in Odessa.

      Let’s be nuanced, rather than “Nazis run Ukraine”. Or “there are no Nazis involved because Zelensky is Jewish,” as the media like to repeat. (The one time they’ll mention that about a politician.)

      Azov Battalion is an odd outfit. The Right Sector and C14 denounced by almost every nationalist group and party in Europe when they took part in the 2014 coup, all these Ukrainian nationalists who are taking revenge for the long-ago Holodomor were seen as sellouts. The Azov Battalion were soccer hooligans restyled. They are more in contact with Israel – which sends lawyers to Greece to assist Arab immigrants to Europe – than they are in contact with European nationalists. Daily Beast reported AB were trained by US military, confirmed by AB sergeant Ivan Kharkiv. Facebook and Twitter “temporarily allow” AB to recruit with racialist messaging included, messaging against Russians as an ethnicity, which they otherwise ban.

      AB trained with a small nationalist group from the US who were flown in – I forget the name – who were run by a “former” CIA guy with a still-active security clearance. That’s a group that sacrificed goats and cats and had sex with transvestites to gain magic powers, and used Satanist messaging, all completely contrary to real nationalist groups. AB also use Satanist imagery, when other nationalists are strongly Christian, and those who are not at least respect Christianity as part of European history.

      In short, AB and similar groups in Ukraine seem tailor-made by those who finance them, like Zelensky’s oligarch benefactor. Their nationalism is all about talking about the Holodomor, when Soviet commissars starved millions of Ukrainians to death, hating Russia and attacking Russian Donbass, even though most in AB speak Russian themselves. Convenient, this anti-Russian distortion of Ukrainian nationalism – as Washington and the media hate Russia for being conservative.

      It’s very much like neocons exploiting U.S. flag-waving to go to war against the few Muslim governments that still supported the Palestinians and opposed Israel. “Here, you are allowed to be patriotic. If it’s all about THIS.”

  2. I’m going to write him and ask about having Uncle Sam airdropping crates of assault weapons all over Wilmington to reduce the gun violence there. It works for Ukraine.

  3. I have no wish to sound repetitive or redundant but… Do these guys understand (these guys being elected officials) we are talking about the possibility of winding up in a nuclear war?!

  4. Every hawk that suggest sending in the troops should automatically volunteer themselves and their children to the front line.

  5. Let’s just make it on a volunteer basis. No experience necessary, will train. No need to “send” anybody, there should be plenty of volunteers judging by all the polls I read. So, Coons, get in line.

  6. Just adding that this was the douchey toughguy who wanted to leave to celebrate Valentines day during the impeachment hearing.

  7. We can send Senator Coons and his children over to Ukraine on the next available flight. They can all shoulder a weapon and be dropped at the front lines. If he is so excited to send Americans and their children over to fight in a foreign land, he and his can be first. Me and mine will wait until they invade the U.S. This guy is a traitor to America and has been coopted by the globalists third wayers and WEF Fabian Socialists. The sooner we send them all over there, the sooner they are gone from our shores.

  8. Imagine a war where American politicians go, “That’s not our war so it’s not our business, why do you even ask?”

    Just imagine such a war.

    Not waged by Israel, that is.

  9. 2022-03-12 Interview: U.S., NATO expansion root cause of Ukraine crisis, says Serbian expert

    In an interview with Xinhua, Jovanovic who currently presides over the think-tank Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals, said that the crisis resulted from “the U.S.-NATO strategy of military expansion to the Russian borders, rejection of the principle of equal and indivisible security.”


    1. The people of Delaware should demand Chris Coons step down. The residents of the other states should also demand their Senators or Members of Congress resign no matter what party they are from. Sending troops to Ukraine will lead to WWIII which would end all wars because it would end the Earth. Chris Coons is the Democratic version of Lindsay Graham.

      1. Sadly my friend they are protected from prosecution.

        FEB. 15, 2021 Qualified Immunity – A Legal, Practical, and Moral Failure

        Qualified immunity is a judicial doctrine that protects public officials from liability, even when they break the law. The doctrine has no valid legal basis, it regularly denies justice to victims whose rights have been violated, and it severely undermines official accountability, especially for members of law enforcement.

  10. He’s just being an irresponsible jack%$#. He knows full well that is going to happen and just wants to look tough and macho for his next election campaign.

  11. He is the same wuss who gave no protest to Joe Biden publicly groping his underage daughter. Now, the chickenhawk wants to send our kids to fight in another stupid neo-con project. Foxtrot Oscar, Sen. Scumbag!

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