Conflicts of Interest: The Iran Nuclear Deal Is On Life Support

On COI #271, Kyle Anzalone and Connor Freeman discuss America’s escalating proxy war with Russia and the latest Iran nuclear deal news.

Connor talks about his latest article at the Libertarian Institute which covers the still growing consensus among the D.C. foreign policy blob, the corporate media, President Joe Biden’s men, as well as Pentagon and NATO leadership that this war will last for “months and years.” Diplomacy is not even being tried. Top diplomat Antony Blinken appears to be calling for regime change, like his boss, and aid to the Ukrainians is now so bloated that it may soon surpass the State Department’s yearly budget. Biden just requested Congress approve another aid package for Ukraine, this one costs $33 billion including more than $20 billion in weapons alone. The article also raises the alarm over the recent hawkish Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger’s proposed Authorization For the Use of Military Force which calls for the deployment of U.S. troops to Ukraine in the event of a Russian chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons attack. This is essentially an invitation to bad actors who may carry out a false flag to manufacture the casus belli – at best – or a “redline” trap that could guarantee World War 3.

Connor further updates the current situation regarding the JCPOA talks and the chances of the nuclear deal surviving or dying. The Israelis appear to be exerting political pressure on the U.S. right now and are claiming in their press that U.S. officials, in private discussion, speak as if the deal is already dead. Blinken is not helping matters, he is making baseless claims that the Iranians are attempting to assassinate Mike Pompeo, his blood-soaked predecessor. Regardless, after seven weeks of stalled talks, Iran continues to say indirect communication is ongoing and calls for the U.S. to make the necessary political decisions to get things going again. Tehran has even demanded direct, face-to-face talks with Washington diplomats. However, domestic American politics threatens to prevent Biden from doing what he should have done early last year, that is returning to the deal and lifting sanctions. Unfortunately, influential hawkish Democrats like Bob Menendez, midterm considerations, the Israeli pressure, and near-unanimous Republican opposition to any diplomacy with the Islamic Republic may all kill the deal soon.

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