Why the Blob Backs Ukrainian Resistance and Israeli Apartheid

On COI #274, Kyle Anzalone and Connor Freeman cover Tel Aviv’s murder of an internationally renowned journalist in the occupied West Bank as well as the latest Iran deal news.

Kyle breaks down the Israeli occupation forces’ brutal killing of Al Jazeera’s Shireen Abu Akleh during a raid on the Jenin refugee camp. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and his apartheid regime attempted to blame the shooting on Palestinian gunmen, this absurd claim was immediately debunked by Israel’s top human rights organization. The bullet that was lodged in Abu Akleh’s brain was of a type used by the Israeli military. Washington has predictably issued cheap, tepid condolences and has expressed support for an investigation that is to be partly led by Tel Aviv. The reaction to the murder highlights the U.S. government’s double standards and the mainstream press’ rank hypocrisy.

Connor discusses a hawkish Senate motion passed by a bipartisan majority that, though non-binding, sends a powerful message to the Joe Biden administration and Tehran that any attempted return to the deal will face insurmountable opposition. The supporters of the motion advocate for the much of the same “longer and stronger” measures the Trump administration demanded previously including putting Iran’s ballistic missiles on the table and refusing to lift the IRGC’s Foreign Terrorist Organization designation. There is growing anti-Iran deal sentiment even among members of Biden’s own party.

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7 thoughts on “Why the Blob Backs Ukrainian Resistance and Israeli Apartheid”

  1. Anger at the real but illegitimate master is bursting at the seams. Poor bastards have no guts .So they displace the sentiments on the victim.

  2. No where on “antiwar” is the back round story mentioned-19 Israeli citizens killed by terrorists in recent weeks. Is the life of this journalist worth any more or less than these people?

    1. Opening a new front for the Zionists. Is the life of any of the thousands of Palestinians murdered by Israelis worth less than that of any of the 19 Israelis killed.Israeli murder of Palestinians is a continuing ritual.

    2. you mean a consistent line needs to be taken ie that the killers of Shireen should be treated as terrorists

    3. Jake, is university study getting too expensive? Do you really have to sit among dozens of fellow students, typing tripe just to make a few bucks to pay for your studies? (I have seen pictures of the boiler room with youngsters just like you, staring at computer screens, while typing away, topic of the day displayed on a giant screen) Type away, Jake.

  3. “Washington has predictably issued cheap, tepid condolences and has
    expressed support for an investigation that is to be partly led by Tel

    Why complain? Israel has allowed its lapdog to say at least this much.

    No one should worry about any any revival of the agreement. It was already scuttled long long time ago. These noises being heard is sham.Theatrics to propitiate or show their loyalty to the master

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