Mitch McConnell: ‘Name Russia State Sponsor of Terrorism!’

Fresh off his trip to Kiev, wandering the streets of a supposed war zone with America’s adopted “hero” Zelensky, Senate Minority Leader out-hawked Biden’s hawks, demanding the Russia be named a “State Sponsor of Terrorism.” Does he even understand what the term means? Also today: Sen. Paul brutalized for just suggesting we keep track of the billions we send to Ukraine.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

13 thoughts on “Mitch McConnell: ‘Name Russia State Sponsor of Terrorism!’”

  1. How about just normal relations with all these states? Mexico has drug cartels. Focus on Mexico.

    1. Mexico has drug cartels because of the US’ “war on drugs”. End the war on drugs. No illegal product, no drug cartels.

      1. People can’t resist hard drugs. People can’t even resist bad odds lotto and donuts.

        1. Right. And keeping drugs illegal and throwing people in prison doesn’t change that. The legality of drugs isn’t a main factor in whether people choose to use them. It’s not with me and I’m sure it’s not with you. I’m not arrogant enough to think that everyone is just too damn dumb to make a decision on their own. Plus, and most importantly, it’s none of anybody’s business what you or I choose to ingest into our bodies.

        2. I’ve both used, and “resisted,” hard drugs.

          My test for a drug has always been “am I willing to go to jail for keeping this around the house and on my person?”

          I tried cocaine once, liked it, never did it again because I didn’t like it enough to risk jail. If it was legal, I might buy a gram for a weekend toot now and again.

          I tried methamphetamine once, didn’t like it nearly as much as cocaine, so haven’t done it since (25 years or so).

          I’ve never tried heroin, but I’ve used opiate painkillers. Never was tempted to use them for anything but pain, so at most every few years for a couple of days.

          LSD, I’ll risk possessing when I can find it, but I can’t seem to find it very often, and am not driven to look really hard.

          Lotto, we buy a ticket when the jackpot is huge, but more as entertainment than in any weird expectation of winning — we get our buck’s worth out of it by sitting around talking about whether we’ll buy a Frank Lloyd Wright house, Tesla, etc.

          Donuts, though, I admit THOSE are problematic. Crack ain’t got nothin’ on Krispy Kreme.

          1. I only just read this because was away, but my dad used to warn me that heroin could create addiction after a single use. I know someone who died recently from drugs. I dunno what he died of, likely opioids. However, it might be that were it legal, there’d be less risk, no fentanyl. Regardless, I’ll probably always see drugs the way China sees drugs.

  2. “…Flustrations & desperation. Sanctions hurt Americans & European…” says Daniel McAdams. “It will never be same if add to the list: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, & Syria. Shows how cavalier. So, much for Congressional oversight”.” We are coming very close to declaring war…I think this is very, very, dangerous ” says Dr. Paul.

  3. I wonder how much cash his wife finds in his coat before she sends it out for dry cleaning. Lobbyists for the MIC must be crawling all over the politicians gung ho for war.

    1. His wife probably IS a lobbyist for the MIC. Since resigning as Secretary of Transportation, she’s joined at least two corporate boards (Kroger and Hyliion, the latter of which is an “electric powertrain” company that probably pursues government contracts).

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