Biden’s ‘Disinfo Board’ RIP? Don’t Hold Your Breath!

After an outcry over the creation of a “Ministry of Truth” within the Department of Homeland Security – with a champion disinformation-spreader hired to fight disinformation – the Biden Administration announced the program is on “pause” and the kooky director has resigned. But this is a government power grab so they can hit the “play” button at any time. Also today, champion doxxed Taylor Lorenz blames Disinfo Board demise on the “far right.” And…George W. Bush accidentally tells the truth.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

8 thoughts on “Biden’s ‘Disinfo Board’ RIP? Don’t Hold Your Breath!”

  1. “She knows the system…Hyperpartisan politician…. But thats ok as there is lots of creepy people in Washington. A fan of Chris Steele. Yeah, this is a great demise…A cultural anthropologist would have to study this…An obsessive busybody…Indicative of Washington”. I don’t always have 34 minutes but Daniel & Dr Paul sense always is worth sometime.

    1. Homeland Security should be called Homeland Insecurity. The Disinformation Board should be called the Misinformation Board. Misinformation is the correct term for false information. The Media and a lot of other people invent new words that did not exist because they want to change the grammar.
      The Misinformation Board is a good name for it because it spreads lies faster than the speed of light.

      1. Orwell was right about so much friend, “Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” George Orwell

  2. Years ago, like, 2003, there was a site on the internet, “George Bush is an Idiot”. It carried stories and replies as to the lunacy of the “war on terror” and what we had done to Iraq. I tuned in for a few weeks, then, one evening, there appeared on the screen the logo of the United States of America, warning me that by looking at the site would subject me to penalties. I kid you not. Also, I have not read anything about that site and the means used to shut it down.

    1. I’d like to see the evidence for this. Surely if some agecy was taking that down in 2003, this site and others like it would have disappeared too. Isn’t it possible that what you saw was satire?

    2. A long time ago, I read a letter in the Chicago Tribune asking how so many Democrats say they were misled by Bush into voting for the Iraq War if they say he is an idiot. They were not misled by him,, they voted for the war because they wanted to be re-elected and they changed their minds about the war after so many Democrats lost their seats to Republicans. They claim they were fooled by a fool. The only Democrats that do not say they were misled are the ones that have always been for or against the Iraq War.

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