Biden: High Gas Prices for ‘As Long As It Takes’ To Defeat Russia

In a rare press conference after the Madrid NATO Summit today, President Biden was asked how long Americans should expect to pay high gas prices over the Ukraine conflict. Biden’s response was flippant: “for as long as it takes.” He also blamed high food prices on “Russia Russia Russia.” Are Americans buying it?

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

10 thoughts on “Biden: High Gas Prices for ‘As Long As It Takes’ To Defeat Russia”

  1. Why not buy from Venezuela and Canada? Russia will eventually just build pipes to sell to others. Oil has a market.

    Japan hasnt exited Russia. The US empire might have just lost Japan and India…

    1. There seems to be a disconnect between oil prices and gas prices. Oil has been this expensive before but gasoline not. Something else is going on.

      1. Refinery capacity I guess. They need a mix of different oil types also. There is plenty of competition; so, it is not price gouging. Refineries can make lots or lose lots, can be risky.

      2. Just to add though, pipelines reduce costs. So, Keystone would not only increase oil moved but also reduce its cost. Pipelines are safer, spill less, and reduce cost relative to trains. Warren Buffett has a stake in rail, doesn’t like pipelines.

        Also, Democrats generally want oil prices higher, because that forces Americans to move to the cities, use public transit, even walk to work. But that squeeze reduces living standards as Americans adjust. You’re also seeing fewer houses trade: more Americans will eventually cut costs by rooming with others.

        Electric cars and busses require electricity to charge; so, there’s need for more power plants to supply that electricity, especially as US population booms. Nuclear is the easiest source. Tidal power would be neat in areas. Wind and solar can have issues but can be good. All of these produce waste and pollution.

        I really think we need UBI for all US citizens, a cut to foreign policy and defence spending, and major construction on the power and internet infrastructure in the US. If the US and Europe start having black outs and more corruption, jobs and capable workers are going to flow to whatever part of the world works better.

        Success in the world is pretty simple: reliable electricity, low crime, low corruption, law applied to all, transparency, and the ability to defend the polity. If the US can’t do that, another will replace the US.

        1. I don’t have an issue with pipelines exactly but why do they always run through Indian reservations?

          1. I dunno, but I assume the land isn’t developed, unlike other areas. The bad thing is poor quality steel was being used, which is more likely to leak. Trump tried to require US steel, with better standards, but he couldn’t do it.

            Eminent domain is controversial, but Canadian pipes also want to go through Amerindian land, because they’re also going through the regular land, and at least in Canada it’s supposedly the only reasonable path.

            One thing though, Amerindians didn’t get birthright citizenship from the 14th, though today the law has been changed. But originally they didn’t get it. However, Coolidge gave them all citizenship. So, technically Amerindians are “more equal” in having not only reservations but also citizenship. However, they’ve also had lots stolen, deals broken. But the same has happened to whites also, including via eminent domain.

            The primary group discriminated against in the US are those living in US territories. They’re not quite equal, like Guam.

          2. For what it’s worth, I’m in favor of giving Amerindians their own state, where possible; but it’d never happen. Greenland is about it. They do have communities at least and maybe some power in Bolivia, but I wouldn’t really know. Some are rich in the US from gambling, but that doesn’t seem right either. I just think it’s neat when people have their own place, at least when that works, not like Palestine.

    1. Biden is to blame for the high gas prices as well as the war in Ukraine. He could expand oil drilling and anger environmentalists and Native American Tribes. Biden will be in a lose-lose situation.

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