Conflicts of Interest: White House Ignores Iranian Offer to Relieve Nuclear Deal Impasse

On COI #293, Kyle Anzalone and Connor Freeman cover the latest Iran nuclear deal news.

Connor discusses Tehran’s decision to formally drop their previous demand that the IRGC be removed from the Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) blacklist.  Tehran has called Biden’s bluff. By removing what was ostensibly the final sticking point precluding a deal, Iran has placed the ball firmly in Washington’s court.

The U.S. has not yet responded to this major concession. However, the Treasury Department has added more sanctions and new reports are confirming Israel was behind the murder of Col. Hassan Sayyad Khodaei. Another new report reveals that, for years, Tel Aviv has been coordinating with the Pentagon over its myriad air strikes in Syria.

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10 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: White House Ignores Iranian Offer to Relieve Nuclear Deal Impasse”

  1. Iran should build nuclear weapons to keep its enemies out of its territory. The US, Israel and many other nations would still be Iran’s enemies but they would not mess with them, that’s also why Syria needs WMD’s and Iraq should have kept its WMD’s so there would be no wars there. It’s good North Korea has WMD’s so it can keep the US, Japan, South Korea and many other enemies out of its territory.

    1. Would you like to live in North Korea? Do you really think by Iran having WMD the world would be a better place? A fanatic regime with Islamic ideas of 1400 years ago implemented in twenty first century and having access to WMD?

      1. One of that “fanatic regime’s” Islamic ideas, promulgated by its “fanatic leader,” is that developing/possessing nuclear weapons is a sin against Islam.

        So EITHER it is a “fanatic regime with Islamic ideas of 1400 years ago,” OR it is attempting to develop nuclear weapons. Pick one.

        1. Thank you for your response. Let’s review your comments.
          “developing/possessing nuclear weapons is a sin against Islam.“
          Have you heard a Islamic concept called “ Taqiyya”? This rule was also permitted by the founder of IRI, Ayatollah Khomeini. So in anther word the Leader can ban it as a sin based on today’s situation and change it later on. My next comment is the condition of individual freedoms which you take as your right in modern societies. To confirm you might decided to check with other fair minded Iranian.

          1. Yes, I’ve heard of taqiyya. I even know what it means. You obviously don’t.

            Taqiyya permits a Muslim to pretend he’s not a Muslim if admitting he’s a Muslim would endanger his life. It does not permit lying in general, and it certainly doesn’t permit lying by publicly avowed Muslim leaders as to what constitutes Muslim doctrine.

          2. Your understandings of Tagiyya is incorrect. You should review some of the earlier Ayatollah Khomaini’s videos to understand how the meaning of Islamic rules can be interpreted by different Islamic religious leaders at different times (mostly in Shia sect). As an example, you are allowed to use Tagiyya ( lie) in war as a deception with your enemy. Obviously, IRI is in war with many nations. This is not unheard of in Islamic history. The Iranian society has been dealing with these outdated 1400 years old religion rules such as Tagiyya, dismembering of body parts or forced hejab to half of Iranian population in twenty first century. What I am saying, your mind and mine are both set in our belief based on what we have read, thought or lived under different conditions . In any case, thank you for your time and interacting with me.

      2. I said why Iran should have WMD’s so it can prevent the US, Israel and other enemies from bombing them and sending drones there which Trump did. The US has WMD’s and dropped 2 A-Bombs on Japan and used chemical weapons in SE Asia during the Vietnam War.
        If Libya had WMD’s, Clinton would not have urged Obama to bomb it.
        I would not want to live in North Korea. If North Korea leaves everyone else alone, everyone else should leave it alone.

        1. @punkprince500- First, why do you believe the countries you have named are IRI enemies? How did the animosities started? What nations assisted Ayatollah Khomeini to over threw the Shah regime. If you believe Iranian population over threw the Shah without help from other countries then, I have a bridge to sell to you.
          Secondly, applying your logic by having Nuclear capabilities to every nation with enemies would not creat a safer world. Thank you for your response and time.

  2. Never ever mention DIMONA or of the Nuclear Arsenal of the Middle East most active Terrorist State ISRAHELL !!

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