Shock CNN Poll: Most Americans Oppose Biden’s Ukraine Policy!

On Today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Watch politicians begin to change their tune as a brand new CNN/SSRS poll shows the majority of Americans opposing Biden’s Ukraine policy. With out of control inflation and a lurking economic catastrophe, blaming everything on “Putin’s price hike” is backfiring on the Administration. Also today: A new Gallup poll shows historic lows in Americans’ confidence in media. And: Mexico’s president calls Assange the best journalist of our time.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

5 thoughts on “Shock CNN Poll: Most Americans Oppose Biden’s Ukraine Policy!”

  1. This 53% number probably includes people who think Biden should go all the way to WW3. The lunatic vote.

  2. I wish there were Democrats against Biden’s Ukraine Policy. The only normal thing about Madison Cawthorn Marjorie Taylor Greene etc is that they oppose aid to Ukraine and say Zelensky is no hero. Just because Russia is not our ally doesn’t mean Zelensky is our ally. Biden wants to see Russia lose, Putin overthrown and Russia have a leader like Kodorkovsky or Navalny.
    The good things about the least hawkish Democrats is they oppose our wars and aid to Israel, criticize Israel for mistreating Arabs, commit ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and criticize India for persecuting Muslims.

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