Why Is the US-NATO Rushing Into War With Russia and China?

“Why is the US-NATO rushing into war with Russia and China?” is the title of the latest Space Alert podcast, a project of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space.

It is an interview with John Walsh who lives in the Bay area in California. Until recently John was Professor of Physiology and Neuroscience at the University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School.He has written on issues of peace and health care for the San Francisco Chronicle, EastBayTimes/San Jose Mercury News, Antiwar.com, Asia Times, LA Progressive, CounterPunch, Consortium News, Scheerpost and others. John is also an active member of the Veterans For Peace Russia Working Group.

The podcast is hosted by Bruce Gagnon Coordinator of the Global Network who lives in Brunswick, Maine.

4 thoughts on “Why Is the US-NATO Rushing Into War With Russia and China?”


    A measurable unit of true geopolitical power is assessed through economy, finances, military, technologies and other parameters. Being able to exert more power than others has always been the driving force behind all changes in human history. Resources are essential for a (super)power to be able to portray its system as superior (and impose it elsewhere). Whoever gets the largest amount of resources nearly always comes on top. Depending on how these resources are then redistributed, leading powers can be seen as beneficial or malignant for the world. Naturally, there are many gray areas in-between.


    1. Most Americans think what’s good enough for us is too good for anyone else. I am Indian and do not like Modi but agree with him on opposing sanctions on Russia. I disagree with him on his treatment of non-Hindus especially Muslims and his alliance with Israel. I hope Lula gets back in power in Brazil since he did a lot for his country and Bolsonaro wrecked the environment with Trump and destroyed much of the Amazon Rainforest.

  2. Not ALL of the U.S. government. Just those freemasons, Skull and Bones, American BAR Association, Pilgrim Society, et al. Those people who want to see European commoners, Americans, Russians and Chinese obliterate each other so that Britannia again will be at the head of the table. I sense failure.

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