Veterans Group Says Good Riddance to Liz Cheney

Yesterday was a very important day.

It’s the day the America First movement exiled the most despicable, most debased Swamp Monster on Capitol Hill.

Yesterday Liz Cheney lost renomination for Congress after three terms of using and abusing the people of Wyoming.

The reason is simple: voters are tired of fighting endless wars.

They’re tired of spending trillions of dollars in the Middle East and Central Asia while they struggle to fill their own gas tank or complete a grocery shopping list.

They’re tired of seeing their sons and daughters in uniform come home physically, mentally, and spiritually broken by war.

Or often, not come home at all.

Liz Cheney has been a face of the War Party for years.

In 2003 the Bush-Cheney administration fabricated intelligence to lie our country into a disastrous war where over a million people were killed.

Liz Cheney says “Good.”

The Bush-Cheney administration set up an international collection of secret prison camps where thousands were tortured, some to death.

Liz Cheney says, “Good.”

Barack Obama gave billions of dollars in cash and weapons to Jihadists in Syria, the same terrorists who would later start ISIS.

Liz Cheney says, “Good.”

Joe Biden is inching us dangerously close to World War III with Russia to protect his family corruption in Ukraine.

Liz Cheney says, “Good.”

And yesterday the conservative voters of Wyoming kicked Liz Cheney out of office right back to her military-industrial complex mansion in Northern Virginia.

And I say, “Good.”

Smedley Butler said “War is a racket.” And I say that Liz Cheney is a war profiteer. And someday we may rid our nation and ourselves of the former, but yesterday we rid ourselves of the latter.

Good riddance to the Beltway Butcher.

BringOurTroopsHome.US is dedicated to removing our military forces from the Middle East and insisting the Constitution of the United States be faithfully observed. For more information, call Sgt. Dan McKnight 208-917-3507. Or contact or

32 thoughts on “Veterans Group Says Good Riddance to Liz Cheney”

  1. I’d like to think they woke up and ditched her because they are suddenly all in on the anti-war message, but sadly it’s more likely a response to the impeachment of Trump and the Jan 6th hearings.

    I’m happy Cheney is gone but it’s premature to assume it’s based on anti-war sentiment. In fact the women who is replacing her praised Cheney repeatedly before Cheney turned on Trump. It doesn’t seem to me that her opposition to Cheney was based on foreign policy at all, she certainly didn’t make it the cornerstone of her campaign the same way she did the Jan 6th hearings. I couldn’t actually find her foreign policy to be honest and tellingly neither did the Author of this peace.

    If Hageman is in fact anything of an anti-war candidate it would have been a nice touch to post a comment from her to that effect. As it stands I have to wonder if the Author couldn’t find one, because including even one anti-war statement would have made the article far more convincing. Perhaps he didn’t think it was necessary but without it, I don’t think he can draw any conclusions about the antiwar sentiment of these voters at all.

    In fact I’d say it’s highly likely that she would still have her job if she had simply kissed Trump’s backside.

      1. Dave, I couldn’t agree with you and Box more. Cheney was defeated, not by any principled antiwar sentiment, but because she crossed Trump. I am glad to see her gone, but not too hopeful about what is replacing her.

    1. Of course had nothing to do with her daddy promoting lies that led to the invasion of Iraq.

  2. Oh good! One uber hawk down, many to go. The Democratic embrace of Cheney shows once again the bipartisan war parties are one and the same. Third parties now!

    1. Find me an example of “democratic embrace ” that isn’t related solely to Jan 6.

      1. True Dave. But don’t kid yourself into thinking the democrats don’t have warmongers who wholeheartedly embrace Liz and her Dick dad’s rabidness for war.

          1. And what have they done when a democrat has been in the white house and has a majority in both houses of congress? Not a f*cking thing.

  3. So, has decided to publish something thing which refers to the trump coup attempt.

    1. Regardless of what anyone things about Trump they should be out leading the way on the Coup attempt. Why? Because if for no other reason it’s a way of showing how the “bad guys” are willing to completely ignore the rule of law and “democracy” which they claim to uphold around the world. Pointing out the fact that a nation which does not itself uphold democracy can’t push wars based on spreading democracy should be a no brainer for the anti-war movement.

      I felt the same way about the lockdowns and the lockdown protests. Anti-war should have been all over that abuse of power for the same reasons, instead they didn’t report on it hardly at all and when they did it was almost over. We locked people out of church Parking Lots and anti-war didn’t see this as an obvious opportunity to bash the idea of US “democracy” and human rights champions of the world.

      too anti-Trump for their own good.

    2. War monger daddy – how about that? And if you think January 6 was a coup by former President Trump you’re as dementia’d as joe biden.

        1. For the most part, coups involve the active participation of the armed forces. If that had been available, perhaps the Beer Belly Putsch would have turned into a coup.

          1. A classic coup starts with invocation of martial law. trumps’ hope was that the proud boys et. al. would start firing weapons. After all, they had been bloviating forever about the 2nd amendment being for civil defense against government tyranny. Spinelessness ruled the day. The proud boys needed their leader on site to egg them on. Not even stone or flynn had the nerve to be there. trump waited with cheeseburgers and tv.
            The plan was for ultra violence, martial law, trump enters with troops and sends the mob home. Then, election cancelation. (Heh, “beer belly putsch”)

          1. The purpose of the riot was to generate enough violence to invoke martial law. flynn and stone know that, course, they have presidential pardons.

          2. Even if true, so hard to prove. Besides, once you start using the word “coup” you have so much more pushback. He started inciting the riot in May of 2020 and never stopped until he propped his fat ass down and enjoyed it on tv for 3 hours while not doing a damn thing to stop it. Use “riot” instead of “coup” and this narcissistic asshole wouldn’t even be thinking about running again. Sadly, he’s no different than the crime family that took his place and we’re screwed no matter what.

          3. No, no proof. Stone and flynn publicy called for trump to evoke martial law and seize voting machines. The Jan 6th committee has found drafts of executive orders to do so. Perhaps the vision of the army showing up on their side encouraged some of the beer bellies.
            What we do know. If 6 thugs go to a community center, tear it up during a yoga class, that is a crime. Same 6, same community center, same action during an election process is a different crime altogether.

  4. I read that Liz Cheney has a net worth of over $40 million. Wonder where all that money came from.

  5. We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union in the Middle East and Ukraine, establish justice in the Middle East and Ukraine, insure domestic tranquility in the Middle East and Ukraine, provide for the common defense of the Middle East and Ukraine, promote the general welfare of the Middle East and Ukraine, and secure the blessings of liberty to the Middle East and Ukraine, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

  6. I have met and discussed the anti-war philosophy and a true America First policy position with Harriet Hageman. She is a firm believer in the enumerated powers outlined in Article 1 Section 8 and that Congress…and Congress only…has the power to take America from a state of peace to a state of war. I am convinced in her based foundation. Harriet spoke at length about the proper structure of power and how The People should ultimately sign off on extreme actions like committing lives and treasure to a foreign war. As the Chairman of Bring Our Troops Home, I gave a 1 hour presentation to a packed room in Casper, Wyoming in June. Harriet was in attendance and she and I shared the stage for nearly another hour fielding questions about foreign policy, enumerated powers, and decentralization of power. She has made a career out of suing the federal government for overreach and limiting or violating individual liberty. Here is a picture of us on the stage together speaking to a packed room of America-First patriots. If I could have polled the room, I would bet you that 80%+ were Ron Paul America First type Republicans with a small contingency of just Trump supporters. There is a massive crossover of Ron Paulers and Trumpers.

    1. I’m glad you were able to hear Hageman discuss foreign policy since her policy page, identical to Cheney’s in every way, except, she does not mention foreign policy, at all.
      Her stump in Casper reminds me of a cartoon of Hubert Humphrey in 68. He is stumping for a predominantly black group, the caption says “I have always been black”.
      I expect, with her recent conversion to election denial, she will vote the gop line. War all day. We shall see when a vote in congress comes up.
      Keep up the good work.

    1. Yes. Good Riddance to the Beltway Butcher. She and many other warmongers called Saddam Hussein “The Butcher of Baghdad”.
      Liz Cheney and other American warmongering politicians are “The Butchers of Washington DC”. Tony Blair and other British warmongering politicians are “The Butchers of London”. There are many other warmongering current and former politicians in other nations.

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