Conflicts of Interest: How Far Will Biden Escalate? Guest Dave DeCamp

On COI #330, Kyle Anzalone and Dave DeCamp discuss Biden’s China and Russia policies.

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10 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: How Far Will Biden Escalate? Guest Dave DeCamp”

  1. With Russia, I suspect not too far, but anything is possible.. With China, however, I expect the US and China to fight over Taiwan eventually.

    As an aside, I also expect a war between Iran and the US/Israel eventually. But I’ve been predicting that since 2006, so who knows when?

  2. So far he has been very careful about the nature of the weapons he gives to Ukraine. They aren’t getting our best stuff by any means.

    1. How do we know that. Now Z is asking us to take over the full logistics of the war, targeting control. That takes the word “proxy” out of the equation.

  3. The obsession with destroying Russia is, in my opinion, based on ancient religious enmities.

  4. Potential dialogue: ”Look, Joe you were a rubbish politician on the best of days, now it’s time to take a hike”.

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