Conflicts of Interest: Did Russia Attack Poland?

On COI #350, Kyle Anzalone and Connor Freeman cover escalations in the war in Ukraine, the potential for peace talks, and increasing tensions with Iran.

Kyle breaks down reports of a Russian missile that allegedly crossed into Poland and killed two people. He further discusses the US telling Kiev that negotiations with Moscow do not need to happen anytime soon as well as the CIA director’s recent meeting with his Russian counterpart in Ankara.

Connor talks about a recent show of force aimed at Tehran which saw American and Israeli warplanes flying together in the Middle East. He also describes Kiev’s recent calls for military strikes inside Iran and Tel Aviv’s bombing of a major Syrian air base.

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3 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Did Russia Attack Poland?”

  1. It’s good that AP fired the reporter, but such a report should have NEVER been published in the first place with the only source being an unnamed government official. I had more respect for AP vs. a lot of other mainstream media who have turned into propaganda machine for the neocons but AP sure have lost it this time with this fake story that could definitely have sparked a nuclear war.

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