War Criminal George W. Bush Is Back Promoting a Senseless Proxy War

One would think George W. Bush, having gotten hundreds of thousands of Afghans and Iraqis killed in his 2001 and 2003 criminal wars there, would exit the perpetual war arena.

But this week he’s back at it, meeting with Ukraine Zelensky at the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas. He will be advocating more endless billions in weapons to Ukraine which will exceed $100 billion with the upcoming $37 billion giveaway the Lame Duck Congress will pass by year end.

David Kramer, managing director for global policy at the George W. Bush Institute, pitched the joint appearance saying “Ukraine is the frontline in the struggle for freedom and democracy. President Bush believes in standing with Ukraine.”

What President Bush means by ‘standing’ is standing on the sidelines without offering a single US soldier or attack on Russia to stop the destruction of Ukraine as a functioning state. Massive US weaponry, much of which disappears before reaching the war zone, ensures the war will continue till the last Ukrainian soldier exits the battlefield.

If Bush was really willing to stand with Ukraine, he’d call out President Zelensky for his recent false flag ruse, claiming an errant Ukraine missile that killed 2 in Poland, was actually fired by Russia. That is Zelensky’s most serious provocation yet, among many demanding the US engage Russia directly, that could trigger all-out war between NATO and Russia.

While Bush will promote endless weapons for Ukraine, he’ll likely not offer one word on the only policy that can end the war, short of Ukraine’s complete collapse: negotiations.

Bush is all in for US policy of weakening Russia thru proxy war using Ukraine to accomplish the weakening. He knows this plays well with the US national security state seeking to maintain US unipolar dominance in the world. He also knows that having suffered no consequences from his 2 murderous wars, he can partner with the reckless President Zelensky to keep our proxy war against Russia raging unabated.