WWIII? Ukraine Should Attack Inside Russia, Says Latvian Foreign Minister

On Today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Taking advantage of NATO’s defense umbrella, the Latvian Foreign Minister stated yesterday that Ukraine should be free to bomb targets deep inside of Russia, stating that NATO members “should not fear” any escalation. That these weapons are primarily made in the USA apparently means little to little Latvia. Also today: is Poland salivating over western Ukraine? Finally: as Congress races to shovel more money into Ukraine, a new poll shows Americans could not care less.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

17 thoughts on “WWIII? Ukraine Should Attack Inside Russia, Says Latvian Foreign Minister”

  1. I expect at that point Western weapons deliveries would cease. The Latvians have a particular dislike for the Russians something about history.

    1. The entirety of Europe is something about history. How far back do you want to go? The Mongol hordes? How about Napoleon and Hitler for those evil Russians?
      Today’s warriors are strictly small timers. 50,000 here, a 100,000 there? Peanuts.
      The guy from Latvia is a freakin’ idiot.

      1. As I have said big fan of borders, I support pushing Russia back to the Y2k border and no further. That is a loss for them but also what they agreed to.

        1. Big fan of borders? How about a big fan of keeping agreements? As in, NATO expanding no further east than a unified Germany. Or as in the Minsk Agreement. Or as in the U.S. keeping its treaty promises to the Natives here.

        2. “I support pushing Russia back to the Y2k border and no further.”

          Then you support the slaughter of tens of thousands more Ukrainians and even more wreckage of their country. And it is unlikely in the extreme that such a result could be attained even if US-NATO somehow manages to keep pouring massive quantities of weapons into the fight, which it increasingly seems can’t be done.

  2. If WW3 actually breaks out, expect the 3 most hawkish Baltic states to become nuclear wastelands where everything is destroyed and no one is left alive. Can you actually do more to try to provoke this war?….Insanity rules in the Baltic states….

    1. Yes, Ukraine is about to be annihilated and Latvia will be next because of the foreign minister’s comment.

  3. I guess being a Dr. Strangelove is now a requirement in order to be the leader of a European country.

  4. Little chihuahua countries should take care not to piss off godzilla neighbors. The b.s. they are sprouting today will be remembered in future.

    1. And numerous countries would be justified in bringing war to the U.S., including Russia. The list is too long to bother with.

  5. “I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy…”- Latvian Foreign Minister

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