Zelensky In Washington, Slams New $47 Billion As ‘Not Enough!’

On Today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Ukraine’s president, Vladimir Zelensky, made a surprise visit to Washington, DC, today, where he is expected to “discuss strategy” with President Biden and to address the US Congress. While Congress has just topped up Biden’s latest Ukraine request to $47 billion, the AP is reporting that Zelensky’s message is going to be “that’s not enough!” Both Party leaders whole-heartedly support giving Ukraine “whatever it takes” as Americans face runaway inflation and recession.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

11 thoughts on “Zelensky In Washington, Slams New $47 Billion As ‘Not Enough!’”

      1. Yes, Spooks invented the word “whataboutism”. It’s meant to discreet what you see and what is fact.

      2. Or maybe more. Like trying to show you that its rarely black and white and within any conflict the truth is the 3rd side. Its too easy to play the wold with our fingers

  1. If they want to fight this war, they should fund it. It’s NOT our war. It has never been our war. American taxpayer dollars is not a bank.

    1. Actually, it is our war. It’s a U.S. proxy war against Russia, totally provoked by the U.S. and starting around 30 years ago. The people running the U.S. government don’t mind spending our money to make money for their military/industrial complex.

  2. Zelensky wants more money for the war but won’t say how much. No matter how much money we send him, he will demand more and more money, not just from the USA but from every nation funding his war.

    1. Ukraine is the most corrupt country in Europe, and Zelensky is part of that. But hey, the U.S. is like the Mafia, so one thief stealing from another.

      The problem here is the war, not money. The U.S. is never going to spend a sufficient amount on fixing its social problems, because the ruling class here doesn’t care about them, and far too many Americans want to get rich, so they’re willing to be poor for the chance to do so.

      1. “and far too many Americans want to get rich, so they’re willing to be poor for the chance to do so.”

        So true. And so sad.

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