Mainstream Media Has Been a Complete Failure Covering US Perpetual Wars

Once again the US has embarked on perpetual war, this time its proxy war with Russia over Ukraine.

And once again US media has completely failed to adequately and accurately cover the latest which may be heading to nuclear confrontation with Russia.

Closing in on 11 months tomorrow, war coverage has largely disappeared from our electronic and print journalism. That alone is a disgrace, preventing the nurturing of an informed electorate on a potentially catastrophic issue. The media is much more interested in providing entertainment and distraction with endless hours on a football injury, a dysfunctional House parliamentary procedure, year’s old and largely irrelevant government documents found at presidential homes, and the latest in America’s weekly mass slaughter from machine guns.

But it’s worse than that. When they do cover the war, mainstream media has spent the last 11 months omitting 8 years of America’s anti-Russian provocations which made Russia’s illegal invasion virtually inevitable. They’ve erased out successful US efforts to sabotage the 15 point peace agreement brokered by Turkey with Russia and Ukraine in March that could have ended the war early on, saving thousands of lives.

Even worse, mainstream media has concocted a false war narrative focusing on imaginary Ukrainian victory amid near total disarray of Russian military operations and internal war opposition. This coverage is so outrageous it brings to mind a mimicking of the infamous ‘Baghdad Bob’, Iraqi Minister of Information who made hilarious announcements of impending Iraq victory in the 2003 Iraq war, while his country was being demolished by American invaders.

Mainstream media cares not a whit about informing the public on matters that could lead to nuclear Armageddon. Honest, responsible war coverage does not bring in the endless millions in advertising needed to sustain media moguls’ lavish lifestyles. Additionally, say or print one word which challenges the government’s false narrative of the war, and lose access to government officials, the lifeblood of any news organization.

If mainstream media were truly honest, they’d change the name of every news show to: Entertainment Today.

Walt Zlotow became involved in antiwar activities upon entering University of Chicago in 1963. He is current president of the West Suburban Peace Coalition based in the Chicago western suburbs. He blogs daily on antiwar and other issues at