Zelensky: ‘Thanks for the Tanks…Now GIMME Missiles and F-16s!’

From today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Less than a day after the US and Germany agreed to give heavy tanks, Ukraine’s president Zelensky again upped the stakes, demanding F-16s and long-range missiles that can strike deep inside Russia. US officials remain confident that Russia will not respond to the steady escalation. What if they’re wrong? Also today: China goes to Africa with briefcases instead of bombs.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

5 thoughts on “Zelensky: ‘Thanks for the Tanks…Now GIMME Missiles and F-16s!’”

  1. Doesn’t Zelensky sound like a scam caller at this point? Except at least the scammers don’t get away from huge pile of bombs? We need to block Zelensky’s number, but instead our corrupt politicians wants to put a bust of him in Congress…

  2. Zelensky will never be satisfied with what any nation gives him, he will demand more and more. US Officials say Russia won’t respond to the escalation but it of course will. We don’t know exactly how it will respond.
    Zelensky has made Ukraine the New Israel. It will start to receive more aid than Israel does. Some of our politicians want us to worship him by having statues of him while they criticize North Korea for having statues of the Kim Family there.

  3. Jan 27, 2023 Zelenskyy Regime Lies Shape Narrative Echoed by War Propaganda Media

    Corporate war propaganda media journalists are forbidden to report on Ukraine objectively. He then quotes a number of Russian officials who have issued angry statements about NATO’s drive to provide battle tanks to ultranationalists responsible for shelling civilians in Donbas since the 2014 USG coup in Kyiv.



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