Ukraine War Supporters Ensuring Ukraine’s Continued Destruction and Ukrainian Death

We in the peace community dialogue with a number of progressives who are all in for weaponizing Ukraine till it repels Russia from the Donbas and Crimea. They oppose any negotiations till Russia vacates both areas, ceasing all military action. They oversimplify the war as authoritarianism v. democracy, Russia’s attempt to gobble up Eastern Europe starting with Ukraine, and having noting to do with Russian security issues over NATO expansion and Ukraine’s war on its own people in the Donbas. They utterly disregard any US/NATO/Ukraine provocations for 8 long years that made invasion of a year ago this week virtually inevitable.

Ukraine war supporters are so convinced of the righteousness of the Ukraine cause, they will not acknowledge the 15 point peace plan that Turkey hammered out with Russia and Ukraine last March that could have ended the war within its first 2 months. In their minds the March visit of former UK PM Boris Johnson and April visit of US Defense Secretary, both of whom demanded Ukraine President Zelensky end negotiations in order to weaken Russia, never occurred.

Ukraine war supporters have maintained this position for all 365 days of this war. It’s now fair to ask them, ‘What has your support for endless war accomplished?’ If they were honest, they would reply nothing but 365 days of devastation to Ukraine which has turned it into a failed state. Twelve million Ukrainians either gone from Ukraine or relocated within. A third of its economy vanished. Over 100,000 military and civilians dead. Ukraine is essentially on life support, dependent on the US and NATO to continue functioning.

When we ask folks how they’re going to accomplish their goal of a Ukraine victory, they simply argue we must continue arming Ukraine till it prevails. They appear oblivious to the near certainty, that short of US/NATO going to war with Russia, that will never happen, whether in months, even years. Worse, they dismiss any concern the current conflict, as pursued by the US and NATO, may possibly lead to nuclear war. As one of my progressive friends advised me, “I trust President Biden to do the right thing.”

Right thing? President Biden had provoked confrontation with Russia over Ukraine for 8 years as Vice President and 2 years as President. He torpedoed a negotiated settlement that could have been reached last April. He has squandered over $100 billion is aid that has prolonged Ukraine suffering rather than end it.

We all want peace in Ukraine. Had the peace community position been followed by the US, there would have been no war. Once started, it would have ended last April. We’ve been shut out of the national debate by both our government and our media. That has been a catastrophe for Ukraine and may end up a catastrophe for mankind.

We voices of peace will not be silenced. We will continue to tell those seeking total Ukraine victory, “We know what you want. After a year of failure, how do you get there without blowing up the whole world?”

Walt Zlotow became involved in antiwar activities upon entering University of Chicago in 1963. He is current president of the West Suburban Peace Coalition based in the Chicago western suburbs. He blogs daily on antiwar and other issues at

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  1. January 27, 2023 Secret Document: Germany’s Bundeswehr is Preparing to Wage War on Russia General warns of possible Russian attack on Germany

    While there are divisions within NATO, Germany’s Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock confirmed in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) (January 25, 2023), that Germany and its allies [NATO] are at war with Russia: “Baerbock’s comments come on the heels of nearly a year of direct Russophobic narrative, including openly declared plans for war with Russia.

  2. The people who own & run the U.S. don’t even care about Americans, so why would they care about Ukrainians?

  3. We voices of peace will also continue to tell those seeking total Russian victory “We know what you want. After a year of failure, how do you get there without blowing up the whole world?”

  4. Despite the US/EU’s claims Putin is planning to take the entire nation, he seems to be consolidating his gains with his “Spring offensive” and the Chinese are planning to dangle reconstruction money when the meeting takes place immediately after.
    Money talks, especially to nations such as Germany and France (whose antiwar protests are much larger than ours) who are already in bed with Chinese money in ways most don’t know.
    (the #3 seed corn producer in the US is Ag Reliant, it’s jointly owned by French and German concerns but the money people behind them who take tours of the plants are all Chinese. They used to steal GMO parent seed out of fields at the beginning, now they just use cut-outs and get them licensed to make the theft easier)
    The broken window fallacy (destruction is good for a economy) is almost ready for the reconstruction part and the Chinese will pay for it and be a big part of the reconstruction.

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